Saturday, October 18, 2008

When Eating Isn't Fun

Everyone knows where I work and what I do.

Some calls it JUNK food. Some calls it SNACK food while others call it FUN food. Whatever way you call it, nobody can ever deny that these food are laden with oil and salt. Same goes to the food that I am refraining myself from eating for the past few days because I've become really fat!

Keropok Lekor!

Wow.... Yummm Yummm..... so soft and fattening! I like!

The only type of banana that I eat so happens is Pisang Goreng! Yummmmy!

And because I am so FAT even Greg is already complaining so I haven't been eating a lot once a while and sometimes lunch, I only survive on this:


Sometimes yummy when you are not hungry but most of the time, they look like shit. You know those type of shit when you get food poisoning?

Yeah, that is the kind of shit I'm talking about.

Haih why can't I eat all I want and never get fat?!?

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