Sunday, October 5, 2008

Makan Makan @ Malacca

A wire from my head went loose last Friday so I packed my bag and left to Malacca on Saturday morning with Alyssa, whom goes back to Malacca every weekend. It was an impulse trip for me as I did not plan anything for this trip.

Two reasons why I went to Malacca - I had nothing better to do & to take revenge on GC for making me angry. Story goes like this: GC made Ziling angry- GC went to Ipoh with colleagues - GC came back, Ziling went to Malacca - GC unhappy Ziling ran away - Ziling refuses to see GC.

Yeah, our relationship is even more dramatic than those TVB dramas you watch on Wah Lai Toi! Anyway, all I ever did in Malacca was to EAT, SLEEP & WALK AROUND.

Accommodation sponsored by Eric (from sales team)

The Host - Alyssa (from my department)


Chicken Rice Balls @ Hoe Kee, Jonker Street

Steamed Assam Fish

Steamed half chicken

Chicken Rice Balls

Stir Fried Vege

Cendol Shop @ Jonker

Not too sweet, just the way I like it

Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang

The thing that I love most about Malacca- SATAY CELUP!

The Peanut Sauce - Oily But Yummy!

Bread + Cucumber


I had 17 sticks! My record was 21 sticks :)

Mamma Mia @ Dataran Pahlawan, 12.20am show

Eric & Alyssa. Eric slept through the whole movie.

I almost fell asleep in the cinema due to fatigue though the movie was pretty interesting

Taiwanese 'Pai Guat' Noodle @ Kampung Lapan

Wife's a Taiwanese, Husband's a Malaysian

I donno what's the noodle called but it looks like Pan Mee but the texture is as soft as Kuey Teow

Hainanese Satay (Pork Satay) @ Laksamana

I didn't know such a humble shop actually serves Hainanese Satay (I'm a Hainanese too!)

The usual Ketupat, cucumber and onions

The difference is that the peanut sauce has pineapple taste in it

Pork Satay! U can have Intentine Satay too!

Everything about Hainanese, besides their FOOD is so GOOD! Why? Cos both my parents are Hainanese so that makes my sisters and I 100% pure bred Hainanese!

But do u know what they say about Hainanese?

They are crazy! Their mood swings even faster than the weather! Haha... but Hainanese girls are pretty too. Oooo sounds exactly like me =)


Woon Chai (joined us for 2 meals only) and Eric Chong. Both from Sales Team and based in the Southern Region. Next time I know where to get free accommodation again!

Alyssa and I. Alyssa the 'Hiao Po' but nevertheless one of my best buds in URC. I'm also awarding her 'Best Host' as she planned everything for me this trip! All I ever did was to pack my bag and bring my stomach!

I'm looking forward for another trip soon. Don't need to be afraid that I can't eat because I'm a lady! I beat all THREE of them when it comes to eating! So, anyway Who's up for it?!


KY said...

17 sticks? light weight!

-eiling- said...

apa ni? tak ada buah tangan bila balik!

* ZILING * said...

KY: Aiyoh not much appetite mah... next time we compete okay!

Eiling : Ada... tapi you tak tahu saje... But itu buah tangan I punya lah although you boleh pakai sama sama

Jasonmumbles said...

Ah, the wrong chendol shop. Hehe. Should drop by Jonker 88, the one diagonally opposite Geographer Cafe. Me think that chendol beats most, if not all chendol in Malacca.

Never like Donald and Lily's for their proud and boastful attitude.

And the best pork satay is in Tampin, the midnight one. Hehe!

* ZILING * said...

Jasonmumbles: What is so special about that cendol?

Actually my whole intention of going Malacca is for satay celup!

Jasonmumbles said...

Well, the shaved ice is really fine and melts inside your mouth. Second, the thickest of all and sinfully delicious gula melaka. Third, just a scoop of coconut milk and no others. Their chendol is "dry" when served, it is only after you smash or let the shaved ice melts, you get your watery chendol.


Satay celup is getting very overrated these days, 70cent per stick. :| I first ate, it was only 35 cent, and the price goes up every CNY.

Still glad you enjoyed your trip to Malacca. :D