Friday, July 17, 2009

Astro Gempak & Emperor Q @ Pavillion

I don't love my job but at the same time I don't hate it either. For a girl my age with zero experience in the corporate world (this is my 1st job), I dare say I am holding quite a big portfolio for a person with my background. Many times, an exec like me are not really invited in big media events because we are "just not there yet" to go for events like this.

That's my new Zara dress hehe. I bought 2 colors somemore

However, good thing about my company is that they give us Execs, opportunities to meet and network cos we are the people that do most of the work anyway. If you are still studying, always remember that networking and relationships are very very important. And always remember, in FMCGs, a lot of times, Execs like me are the ones that take care of a brand so a lot of things gotta go pass us first. If someone is to Lanci at us, bye bye to you even though our boss would wanna buy from you, as a brand owner, I can object kao kao until u go out from our door!

Anyway I was invited for Astro's Gempak Universe Screening yesterday @ Royale Chulan Hotel, KL. I missed the Media Prima's one a few weeks ago due to the heavy workload so this time we were all very readied for it.

Was introduced to the manager of international channels.... He told me I was too late in asking him for free Man U match tickets :(

Before we left the place, we managed to talk to model and actor , Alan Yun. He has a normal day job btw.

Good thing about working is that u get to exchange business cards and to explore on future working opportunities. He's from an agency, I am from a client company so duhhhh of cos got chance ler :)

After the event, we moved on for dinner at Emperor Q @ Pavillion.

I've patroned this place a few times and I quite like the food here so I brought my colleagues an ex colleague here for dinner. They serve Jap- Chinese food.

Current colleague , Soon-to-be-ex-colleague, Ex colleague

Current colleague, ME

Jasmine Tea @ RM 5 per pot

Free cup of coffee for all VIP card holder (me)

The waitress serving their famous hot stone rice

Crispy pork Hot stone rice @ RM 12.80

Salmon Hot stone rice add egg @ RM 14.80

Minced pork Noodle @ RM 16.80

Shrimp Porridge @ RM 16.80

As usual, I have no complaints on the food. I love this place especially the food and the pictures of the food too! Next one, I would wanna try Dain Tii Hill but right now, i'm broke from all the shopping so not gonna splurge on food for the moment.

I've always like to keep in touch with my ex colleagues but when will be the next time we can all come out together for a meal and chit chat again.....?

Btw, it has been 3 consecutive weeks I've been to Pavillion. In fact I go to pavillion every month for shopping. What is so nice to shop there I also donno but I always like to shop there and also feast my eyes on those designer bags :) :)

Till then.... great weekend ahead!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Facebook Games Roxx!

U know I've never played a single Facebook game before this.

I didn't understand how people managed to find the time to play those games. And btw, what is so nice about playing those games???

Until one day, I decided to try it out out of boredom...

Restaurant City

MindJolt Games - Bouncing Balls

OMG! I'm so addicted to it since them!! Must play them everyday!!

Syiok Syiok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will blog about "my boredomness" later... now is not the right time :)