Monday, June 29, 2009

Krispy Kreme @ Midvalley

I have heard for many many times those who have lived or hung out abroad bragging how good and how great Krispy Kreme donuts are.... and all I can ever do is to listen full of jealousy in my heart.

U know sometimes how I wanna treat these people?

Hold their hair and slap them 10 times!! So hateful! Go there never tapau some for me back... only know how to tell me how great it tastes!

Thankfully after a very looooooong wait, Berjaya group managed to bring Krispy Kreme to Malaysia with their 1st store in Berjaya Times Square which I have not visited until today I clicked on Offer Station and found out that they just opened an outlet in Midvalley!

Krispy Kreme hats

Their mixers for making the delicious donuts

So many to choose from...

I'm spoilt for choice!

I actually bought their famous orginal glazed donut (1 unit) for RM 2.50

Quite expensive for a donut eh?? Add another RM 1 can buy a bowl of noodles already!

Greg posing with MY donut
(btw, I think his hair sucks =p)

I was about to bite the Krispy Kreme donut!!!
(he took my pic when I wasn't even ready!)

OK... my comment is yes, the donut is really soft and it kinda melts in the mouth due to the yeast but then I feel that the original glazed is toooooo sweet for my liking!

It was so damn sweet but because the texture of the donut was really good, I decided to forgive Krispy Kreme. I want to buy 1 dozen home my next trip there! Btw, it's RM 19.90 for a dozen of original glazeds...


Krispy Kreme
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lot LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor.
(near to Pizza Hut)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant @ Sukhumvit 12, Bangkok

I first heard about the Cabbages @ Condoms restaurant from an ex colleague whom has just returned from a business trip to Bangkok. Knowing how conservative Malaysia is, we have decided to make a trip to this condom-themed restaurant.

Their food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy!

Upon the entrance to the restaurant, we were greeted with a nice pathway decorated with small lighting like the above pic

Mr. Condoman & Miss Condomwoman.... all are made from condoms

The dining ambiance is really nice... al fresco style

Complimentery Dog biscuits .... ok the truth is it does taste nice but it does look like biscuits for dogs

Pork Satay served with 2 triangular-shaped slices of Gardenia Bread served with their peanut sauce... 2 thumbs up!

Tom Yum Goong..... though spicy the soup was really flavorful

Fried pork tenderloins.... very nice! It tastes exactly like normal fried pork strips except for the texture.

My colleague insisted me to try 'Larb Moo' (stir fried minced pork with lime juice) when in Bangkok so when I saw from the menu they serve this dish, I quickly ordered it.... Not only it was filled with chilli padi, the whole dish was infested with parsley!!! YUCKS!

One of the must orders in Thai restaurant - Green Curry chicken.... sad to say, we didnt like the green curry here because of the taste of 1 kind of spices/ herb which is overpowering.

Fried Catfish.... not recommended as it is not as crispy as the ones served locally

Stir fried vege with pork in oyster sauce.... it was good but nothing to shout about

Fried fish cakes

The famous Chang drinking water @ THB 40 per bottle (thats more than RM4)

Condom tree

Spin your fortune .... opps I mean sex test

Santa condom came early this year!

I am supercondoman!

U can actually take condoms for free but it's not Durex definitely...

Finally, we were arranged according to our height... so unfair! Must be that Ian who arranged us!

The bill for that night was around THB 2,000 for 4 persons (around RM 220)... I would say it is very pricey for that standard. Though the food wasn't great, it was an experience for us as we went home hailing a ride from our favourite yet crazy TUK TUK! Woohoo I love tuk-tuks!!!

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant
10 Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ipoh Makan Makan

Being a girl born and bred in Ipoh, I do have to admit there's nothing really much to do there everytime I go back except for EATING and showering close to 5 times a day! Eh, the weather is really really extremely hot in Ipoh... I also donno why!

Ian, Greg and Jasmine wanted to make a trip to Ipoh for leisure as they have not been to Ipoh for a gazillion years so they assigned me to be the tour guide. OMG #%^%$#%$ when I was in Ipoh till I left Ipoh at the age of 16, I did not possess a driving license hence there are a lot of places I do not know how to go.... sei loh sei loh such a heavy responsibility! But as usual, whenever we embark on a journey, I will be the one doing the itenery (literally coming out with a time table of where to go, eat what, what time) with the help of my colleague whom was also from Ipoh. Hehe.

Presenting to you...

Ian & Greg

Ziling & Jasmine

Lok Wee Koi Coffee Shop @ Jalan Raja Musa Aziz (opposite Kamdar)

Duck Noodle (according to Ian & Greg, it was Super Yummy)

Shredded Chicken Ho Fun (I've been eating their ho fun since I was very very young and I only eat from this stall at the coffee shop)

Their famous Penang Rojak @ RM 4.50 or something (Damn expensive!)

Dai Shu Keuk (Under The Tree) Char Liew @ Jalan Kampar

Ice Blended Mixed Fruit Drink (I think it's quite creative)

Dry Ho Fun

Char Liews!!! Yummy!!!

Assam Laksa ..... though very simple, I really love their assam laksa because it has the kind of sourness that I like :)

Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee @ Ipoh Old Town

The white coffee is Kao unlike the tipu tipu ones in KL

Really good Char Kuey Teow with XXL Prawns @ RM 6 (we ordered the XXL prawns instead so it costs about RM2.50 more!)

Lou Wong Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken

Fat and juicy Tau Geh... ipoh style!

Chicken Feet ...... eeeeeeee I tak suka!

Half white chicken (Pak Cham Kai)..... a tad too oily for our liking but it was smooth.... like me :) hehe

Ho Fun Soup (Do you know I really really love eating Ho Fun???)

Pork Balls...... hmmm I don't really like the pork balls here.

Chu Chap Porridge (Pig Innards) @ I forgotten the name but it was near to Jalan Pasir Puteh school

I thought they do have the crispy innards but don't have also :( furthermore, the porridge here taste like there's a lot of alkaline or something... yucks! I don't like!! (my 1st visit here anyway)

Hotel @ Ritz Garden, Ipoh

We brought Vodka & Wine but ended up drinking a little only cos we were all busy watching Chow Sing Chi show ... hehe

Dim Sum @ Foh San

Loh Mai Kai (my dad's favourite, I tapau-ed 5 for him)

Fish Balls

Siew Mai

Donno what with century eggs

Char Siew Pau (I never liked Char Siew Pau but I tapaued 5 for my dad also)

Chu Cheung Fun (Dim sum is never complete without CCF and Ha Kau)

Ha Kau!!

Stir Fried Lo Bak Kou (Radish Cake).... The thing that I like about Ipoh Lo Bak Kou is that it is fried with lots and lots of tau gehs and eggs unlike the ones in KL with a lot of radish - 1 spoon and you're already stuffed!

Wu Kok.... not a fan

Kong Heng Coffee Shop @ Ipoh Old Town

Ipoh White Coffee Hot


Pork Satay

Chee Cheung Fun in Mushroom Sauce.... yess this is what I call the real Ipoh Chee Cheung Fun (this stall not nice. I still prefer the one my mom used to buy from Boombak Pasar, Ipoh) not those curry CCF la, Sweet Sauce CCF la this n that! Yucks!

Tau Foo Fah @ Funny Mountain

The best TFF in the whole world..... it is so silky smooth it actually melts in your mouth! A must-eat if you are in Ipoh!

That sums up my Ipoh Makan Trip! And not to mention..... gained an extra 3 kg perhaps after that trip :(