Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brazillian Wax An OWCHHHHHH Factor @ Strip, The Ministry Of Waxing

If Singapore is something not new to you, perhaps Strip (The Ministry Of Waxing) is not something out of outer space for you too.

Strip opened it's 3rd branch in Malaysia sometime this year as they have 2 outlets in The Curve and Bangsar which are patronised by a lot of locals who do Brazillian waxing

It was my first trip here. Just like any other lady, I was scared shitless after watching so many movies on waxing - how they pour the wax all over your body, put something and then pull it out and the ladies will shout at top of the lungs like as if an arm being chopped off!

After convinced by the lady working at the counter that it is not THAT painful, I decided to give it a shot!

They have a few very simple rooms where each room is equipped with a cabinet to store your clothes, their wax and towels, a bed for you to lie on, some frames and a miror for you to look at your own self.

While the lightning in the room was dimmed and cosy, during the "operation" they do turn on the florescent white light which I hate the most to make sure that every single hair at the part where u wanna wax are pulled off properly.

I chose the Hard Wax which is less painful as they use their latest Chocolate Wax and pull off the hair bit by bit instead of Soft Wax that uses wax and a piece of cloth to pull it!

The wax needs to be warm because if it's cold, it will dry up very fast so they used the device above to warm the wax (like fondue). After that, they will use a spatula to scoop the wax onto a certain part of your hair (about 4-5cm in diameter), let it dry for 2-3 seconds n pull the whole thing!

My session of pulling out hair lasted about 15 mins. It was probably the most painful experience in my life cos my hands were sweating a lot and there were certain "very painful areas" where I almost screamt!

Since it was my 1st time, they advised me to take the additional "Ice Mask" to soothe and calm the area because 1st time is always more painful and my body will not get used to it.

The damage?

RM 114.50 for 15 mins waxing and RM 38 for the Ice Mask (15 mins) which is called 'Hoochie Coochie Quickie). All in all RM 152.50 for 30 mins!

Complementery a packet of Strip Tissue Paper at the cost of RM 152.50

While I think their service and all is good, I find it a bit pricey. My sister does her waxing in Glitters @ 1 utama which costs only RM 90. If I go to Algotherm beauty centre, they charge RM 90 also only.

I don't think I will proceed with Strip from my next session onwards because they are quite pricey and the staffs are quite pushy into asking me to sign up on their course.

It does feel a bit different after the Brazillian and there goes my RM 100 liability every month from now!

Strip, The Ministry Of Waxing
F1.29, First Floor,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Tel: 03 - 5621 5119
(near to Arrios Cafe, where the ATM machines are situated in old wing)


-eiling- said...

too expensive la. kena conned.

KY said...

thankfully there isn't any action shots. lol

Anonymous said...

Bet your bf is admiring the new shape ;)

* ZILING * said...

anonymous: oh come on! It's for self satisfaction & hygiene :)

Anonymous said...

all girl should wax. no guy like hairy pussy. if your boyfriend says he like it's just to make you feel better. he'll still prefer a 'clean' one

Anonymous said...

Anonymous1 : No 1 likes hairy balls too..stop critisizing only the females..stop being a male chauvinist


Anonymous said...

theyare very pushy with their packages. I too decided not to do anywaxing withthem ever. The girl who did mine was so inexperience. She burntmy skin and i caught her double dipping! YEEEEEEEKs

david said...

yeah everybody should
wax, i mean...we guys dont like to get hair when we go there. lol

Anonymous said...

Its really no big deal. Im a guy and I do Boyzillian. Agree with you, its a lot more hygenic.

Anonymous said...

Hey there babe. Was thinking of getting a brazillian, i've checked out glitters because they have one outlet here in subang. How about Algotherm beauty centre? I can't seem to google their outlets. :( btw I'm a wax virgin so am really scared to make that first appointment but the itching after shaving is driving me nuts! Cheers


Anonymous said...

how long does it stay until the hair grow back?

John said...

waxing make you more beautiful but it,s a painful way to remove useless hair. i don,t like this.
brazilian body waxing

Elsac Ko said...

don't like don't agree then just don't read and comment.

Anonymous said...

i dont really like strip.. i got mine done at pyramid.. it wasn't clean, and it was the most painful procedure i had compared to other waxing salon

Anonymous said...

pregnancy lady can get the treatment?

Anonymous said...

yes, pregnant people can wax. i have done mine every month every with 2 kids.Doc also happy less work.