Friday, January 30, 2009

Longing For A Holiday....

I know I know.... CNY holidays have just past and now I am asking for another holiday!?!

My idea of a holiday is not just a few public holidays and that's holidays okay. I want to go far far away and spend my few days doing nothing at a place where nobody knows me ..... Ahhhhh how fun!

This year's CNY has been hectic therefore I didn't manage to actually rest having to go back to work on Thursday and knowing myself going to work on a Saturday as I have a project going on dampened my CNY mood too. BIG sigh.

Anyway I was browing through some old pictures and I would really love to go back to this place:

Pulau Redang

Note: Pictures taken during year 2006 hence I looked really different and a lot slimmer.

I got myself a very nice tan after this trip as I applied tanning oil instead of sun block :)

I've always wanted to go back to this place because I love it a lot! Sometimes I wish someone would just kidnap me and bring me here for a few days :))))

I used to have the time but I did not have the money.

Now that I've got the money, I don't have the time.

How ironic life is sometimes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Merry CNY

As usual, I spent my CNY in Ipoh as I was made, born and bred there.... actually not very sure of the "made" part, I just wanted to sound more like I am like an original, non pirated human from Ipoh.

Ipoh are always famous for Leng Luis that's why I always like to admit I'm from there ;)

Anyway, countdown so far on the number of YEE SANGs that I had:


I never liked Yee Sang except for the raw fish and keropok (don't you think the keropok rocks?)

Anyway, this year's CNY is a little different from the previous years because we brought home 'A GUY'. This guy has privileges more than our boyfriends/ future boyfriends/ to-be boyfriends because not only he got to meet my parents but my grandparents and my relatives as well! And I mean both sides!

I shall blog about my trip when my sister uploaded the picturesn into the PC from her "Forbidden DSLR" (defination: her private Sony Alpha which I'm not allowed to touch most of the time).

At the meantime, "Open Table" as much/often as possible to have some side income to buy rice as recession is in town!

Friday, January 23, 2009


There's always a saying - Becareful what you wish for, you might just get it

After so many nights of heartbreaks, tears, dilemmas and arguments, the thing that I've been wishing for has finally came.

The official memo was out finally

Boss broke the news to me personally in her room for me 3 days ago but I'd prefer for the official memo to be out before opening my mouth. Actually it was my boss informing the whole world -.-"

But wait. There's always a catch when good things come your way.

It did come with two big blows. Three days passed, I still can't sleep well at night worrying about this issue. I won't talk about it because its P&C and it was a personal request from the management for me. Sigh.

No wonder my animal sign indicated 'increased stress especially after a promotion' after attending a talk by Joey Yap. I've been going home every single working day after 8pm for almost 3 weeks already. One night, I decided to leave early at 6pm because I was too frustrated with working I felt as if I couldn't "breathe" anymore.

My colleagues were shocked,

"Wah! I've never seen you going home so early for so loooong already!"

Buahahaha I'm so hardworking leh! Anyway Happy Chinese New Year yo!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Over The Past Weekend

Yesterday, I reluctantly woke up at 7.45am to attend Joey Yap's "Thriving In Challenging Times" Feng Shui & Astrology talk. Yeah man, I attended a Feng Shui talk which lasted from 10am till 5pm at KL Convention Centre. In a nutshell, 2008 had been a tough year for me and 2009 will be a tougher one. My bedroom, sleeping direction, astrology sign, 'gua' number are all bad. But when other door closes, one opens and it is my "Peach Blossom" luck (tou fah wan). It says that in 2009, I will be able to meet someone new or improve my relationship and network. Ok this might sound a little scary but I had some tarot card reading 2 weeks ago and it says that I will meet a new guy soon. Sigh..... just when I needed some luck in career, suddenly meet someone new pulak!

After the talk, my family and I went to our new condo in KL to have a look before renting it out. Condos in KL memang mahal somemore so small!

So jealous because got nice swimming pools and gym!

In an unrelated note, by the rate of me posting an entry, you would have guessed I've been a very busy person. Yup. That's right. Work has been really really busy and hectic for these 2 weeks, and more to come. I'm actually dreading to go to work everyday because I do not know what the day will bring.

Deadlines? Rejection of work? More things to explore? Corrections after correction? Meetings? Scoldings? Office politics?

You've read about it. I have encountered it.

The sudden even-heavier workload came 2 weeks ago, just a few days before I had to travel down South for a meeting with wars in the office and many things to rush and to explore since the market has been really bad. The day I travelled to Johor, I had a meeting with agencies in the morning till 3pm where we had lunch then began the journey.

Rajin betul

We wasted no time by doing our work in the MPV and also in the hotel room till 1am since we are now equipped with a laptop (now you know why my company gives us a laptop instead?). By 7am, we were all awake, had our breakfast and then proceeded to the HQ for a meeting. Had our dinner along the way back and reached home at 11pm++. I spent the whole week working till 7-8pm++ everyday in the office the following week.

Suddenly, there was just so much of work I doubt I could cope with it! From 9 items in my WIP (work in progress), it went up to 13 in just 1 day! If it wasn't bad enough, my boss's mood was really bad that week. Every single day, I got screwed, so did my colleagues too. I understand that the management has given her a lot of pressure as the sales has been declining since we're into a recession. Imagine this:

Z: Boss, I called XXX company and ....
B: #$%^$###%^&*&*^&%$#$$%%^^&&*

Errr... you get my point. Even before I get to speak up, I already got screwed when in fact I wanted to tell her something that she thought I did not do. My colleagues and I basically got screwed in the morning, over lunch, in the evening, during meeting... u name it, we had it for 1 whole week! We tried our best to rush for things to get done but there were meetings everyday - 2 a day, sometimes even 3! Macam mana lah nak buat kerja?! Sometimes I just do not know how long I could cope with my work and espectally my brand when everything is hanging by a thread. I was told to explore so many things when in fact I do not feel comfortable at all having to manage so many things at once. In the end, my emotions got the better of me, I couldn't take it any longer, I showed my disatisfaction and a black face, packed my laptop and walked out of the meeting room. I know, I know... I'm going for a career suicide.

The worst has yet begun.

On friday, finally the merchandising room that I've been working on for so long got their equipments delivered. It was a rather simple project but armed with no contacts and lots of changes in decisions and directions, I had finally managed to settle and got the management to agree with the price after more than a month! It was a really frustrating job because no supplier wanted to come in for this job as the things that we wanted were too small and of no value to them. When I finally got one to come in, he got really frustrated as my bosses changes their decisions every few days. And it was me who had to do the shitty work as I was the point of contact. He got frustrated with me, I got frustrated with him and my company.

To make matters worse, one of my sales person had an accident with the supplier's lorry and both got into an arguement. Because I was there when it happened, they made me point the person who was wrong out. I knew whom it was but I could not. I had to do something that made me pretty unpopular - left and went back up as my boss was calling me into her room. I suppose the whole sales team must be hating me right now. Sigh. Later in the afternoon, my boss told me to tell the workers to take back some of their equipments as they didn't fit into the room. The workers were really angry and disatisfied I guess as they installed everything but it didnt fit. BIG sigh.

Now, can you imagine how busy I am actually? Even setting up a room and equipments which was supposed to be an admin's has also became my job. Carrying stocks which was the warehouse's job has also became my job. Not to mention, my other work includes - new product developments, sourcing agencies, meetings, planning for promotions, managing A&P funds, prepare A&P spending, preparing monthly reports, minutes of meetings, agenda for meetings, market visit reports, analysises, budget, design of new products, color proofing, prepare marketing plans, sales memo, design barcodes, commercial shooting, and the list goes on. Well, on a brighter note, I can do and have done a lot of things better than people my age.

At times, I get so depressed I wished I could talk to somebody but again, nobody likes listening to complaints and rants. Everyone has their problems so it's better to keep it inside me but to type it all out here. At least there is a way to let it all out. Looking back, I missed the moments chatting through the phone at night before I sleep. Somehow the phone just stopped ringing almost for a month probably because I have kept a distance from everyone else except for my colleagues and a couple of friends.

You know what?

I need to take things easily, one step at a time and learn to relax. It's time to revive my social life! (peach blosson luck on my way remember?) So, if you wanna party, watch movie or go for a drink, you know who to call?


Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Friends, New Zouk

Ok the title doesn't really make any sense but it does link to one another!

Over the last weekend, since I wasn't in talking terms with GC, a childhood friend of mine gave me a call in the morning (actually it was 11am+) to inform me that he's in Malaysia with his friends and he'd want my sisters and I to come out that night. This 'friend' of mine is actually the son of my mother's old classmate in which they are still keeping in touch. I think it has been more than 20 years since she migrated to Australia so basically her children are all ABCs (Australian Born Chinese).

ME, Clinton, Yiling, Eiling

We were friends for almost 22 years. Why 22 years? Cos he was only born 10 days after me and we used to play with each other when we were young. Funnily, his eyes looked a little bigger when he was a child though very 'sepet' also.

That very night, I drove to Jalan Alor to meet him up as he was staying there. My mom tagged along because she thought that his mom was tagging along as well.

Terence, Kieth, ME, Gareth, Clinton, Eiling, Yiling

Thank God he brought along 3 gorgeous guys or I'd end up puking looking at his face the whole night! Don't say I'm mean because Clinton said I've not changed over the past many many years - still the same old loud, sacarstic tomboy! Really hateful!

Kieth (now residing n working in KL for past 2 years), Gareth (Clinton's cousin), ME

We had our dinner at Jalan Alor and were practically stuffed since they kept ordering and ordering!

Coincidently, it was also Terence's birthday so we celebrated his birthday too. They asked me to guess his age and I said 25! Mana tahu he's 28!

And those 3 guys are all actually around 27-28 years old!!! (except for Clinton as he's my age. I'm 23 (in 2009), still YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL!) But my point is, they don't even look SO OLD!

We cut and had our cake at their hotel's cafe.

Few days ago, Terence & Gareth told me that they just discovered their hotel has a brothel. Duh! It's Jalan Alor! And they even told me the prices of the ladies (different countries, different price). Most expensive is China ladies and cheapest is Malaysians! Wth! I even asked if which one did they choose? Hehe.

After that, Eiling and Jon went back home together with my mom. Then, we went clubbing with them at Zouk since they were asking for it. It was my 2nd time to Zouk but also my 1st time going to the New Zouk (they just refurbished the whole place).

I only allowed them 5 mins to change their clothes after dinner! Haha talking about Malaysians' hospitality, I guess when they think of me, they will tell their Australian friends that all Malaysians are horrible people!

Paid our cover charge inclusive of a drink. Being the stupid me as always, I ordered Beer. And I don't drink beer. Calvin finished 3/4 for me.

My colleagues said I'm so lucky surrounded by so many guys... Buahahahha! Pimping yo!

Each of us had a Tequila Shot after that but Terence kept insisting on paying the bill ad it was his birthday. I wanted a 2nd one but too bad I gotta drive after that.

I honestly think Gareth's the funniest one to be with and everyone claims he has 6 packs! I asked him to prove it but I think he was kinda shy.

Kieth is a very quiet person but I managed to get him to spill some beans over dinner the other day. He told me he has some shares in a timber company and will be going back to Australia to his family for a month, next month. I asked if he has any brother that I can 'kao'! Haha

Though it has been more than 6 - 7 years, Clinton was the first and only guy who mailed me a SuratCinta. I was so shocked but thinking back, I think it's actually quite funny because his handwriting was like 'cakar ayam' and it took me quite some time trying to figure out what he wrote.

I found out that Terence is an Indon-Chinese and he wears this Tiffany & Co ring (the Somerset design) which I love and a WHITE iPhone! Oh I'm so jealous of him! Whenever I fight for the bill with him, he tells the whole world that I'm embarassing him! Wth!

I asked the camera guy to take a picture of Terence and I.... mana tahu the 3 extra fellas masuk into the picture as well!

Group Picture!

We went to Jalan Alor for supper since they were hungry after Zouk. Practically, Yiling and I reached home only when the Muslims wake up for their morning Azan. Overall, it was a very fun night!

Ziling went clubbing yo!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tiring Week

Gonna depart to Johore at 3pm today and to come back on Saturday for a meeting in Johore

I don't enjoy going to Johore for meetings because they will last for hours and hours and hours and we never get to go out for lunch =( Always trapped inside the factory and have to eat take away pizzas from Pizza Hut everytime.

So Sad.

Somemore now half Thursday, full friday and half Saturday gone.


On the other hand, guess who went clubbing in Zouk last week? (considering I don't club)

Yeah man. Ziling went clubbing at new Zouk !

Friday, January 2, 2009

Visiting Malacca Before 2009

It was a one day trip for the 8 of us to trespass Malacca for the last time before New Year. Overall, it was a really fun trip and we had a total of 7 meals!

On the other hand, I know it's New Year's. I shall blog about my New Year countdown in my next post. I spent my countdown with a bunch of friends in Mont Kiara. I know, I didn't spend it with Greg because..... well things screwed up between us. Honestly, I did try to solve it but things just got worse. Everytime we talk, we ended up fighting. A friend told me this :

"The more you try to solve it, the worse it get. Give yourself a timeline to calm down and to think about what you really want. Take the time off to do things that you like - reading a book, catching up with friends, watch movies, go shopping and lie on the bed. After that, try talking again. If it doesn't work anymore, at least you tried"

Today, I deleted every single SMS from him from my handphone because I would not want to read those messages that will cause tears to my eyes. For the mean time, he will be completely out of my life. I have to let go and free my mind and my heart before I can think and act rationally. I need to move on and live my life. Whether things may or may not work between us anymore, only time will tell.