Tuesday, May 26, 2009

El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

It was Greg's birthday. I was having such a hard time trying to arrange a nice dinner for him as he would be bringing along his brothers and one of his bro's gf. Instead of going to lovey-dovey places, I was thinking of a more memorable yet cosy place to have dinner.

Thinking of how 'chinaman' he has always been, chinese food popped into my mind but people leh already had abalone and chinese food for lunch with family ok? So my dinner cannot lose also!

Therefore, I brought him to El Cerdo to eat his own kind(he's born in the year of pig).

The Interior- very nice and european-like

The main character and the most beautiful lady herself =p

Mushroom soup served in a small coffee cup was complementery

Bread for dipping was also complementery (they forgot to offer us vinegar and olive oil for dipping though)

Parma Ham with Rock Melon @ RM 38

It was my first time having Parma ham (air dried ham for 36 months) after hearing the ravings of parma ham from my sisters. The ham are very very thinly sliced yet full of flavor! It's a bit salty though but really refreshing if paired with the sweet rock melon. I love it!

The main purpose of me going to El Cerdo - Half Suckling Piglet @ RM 116

Their european style of suckling piglet tastes a little different from chinese ones. These european ones have more flesh and meat however is milder in taste.

Whenever you order a piglet, there's a commotion in the restaurant. The waitress will ask one of you to cut the piglet with a plate. The piglet is so crispy that you can basically chop it with a ceramic plate! In this case, the Birthday boy did it, which was also the reason why I chose this place.

It started off with knocking the plate on the wooden piglet tray for 3 times, chopped it up 2 times and the waitress will ask you to have 1 wish - relatioship or money? Then she will ask you to stand at an instructed position and smash the plate into the wooden pail!

Akibatnya.... all the smashed and broken plates

This 1 of cos pretending 1 lah... only 1 plate for smashing

They then brought the piglet back into the kitchen to cut it up nicely for us

The piglet is also served with a small serving of wedges

and also some garden salad drenched in Balsamic vinegar

The piglet is very mild in taste so they provided us gravy to make the meat more flavorful

Seafood Paella (spanish rice) @ RM 90

The food that we ordered were all meant for 2 person only (as written) but if there;s no big eaters nor no hungry ghosts, the food serves 4 persons. In our case, 5 because all of them had a very filling lunch.

I forgot whats the dessert but it's something like banana and ice cream in mango sauce (i hate bananas!)

To wash everything up, they served everyone a small glass (ice wine glass) of lemonade with some alcohol whcih they claim is very fresh and is good for the body, also complementery.

Every single of them took 1 sip and spat everything out cos it was so sour! I down-ed the whole thing hehe

Because it was Greg's Birthday and they knew about it, they arranged another 5 glasses of those drinks, a candle and a pig made of wood for Greg and his Brithday song!

Imagine their freaked out expression when they saw another 5 glasses of those drink!

Instead of a Birthday cake where normally no one eats it or get forced to eat, this is such a brilliant idea!

Oh don't they look alike?? Anyway he got to take the pig home!

El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

The bill for the night was RM 310 inclusive of about 3 bottles of mineral water. Though I planned to fork out 50% of the bill as I initiated the place, Greg's elder brother said it was his treat and refused to take my money.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

My One Year Anniversary

Time flies. Yes it does when you are too busy fighting with each other, the next thing you know, both of you have been together for one whole year!

It's true. If there are 100 weeks in 1 year, we would have fought 130 times a year! Yet, we survived it and here we are, our 1st anniversary.... which is also my first ever anniversary. Now I can prove those people wrong that I don't commit in a relationship :)

I received a bouquet of white roses delivered to my office in the afternoon! What a surprise coming from a guy who has never enjoyed giving flowers to a person who loves receiving flowers :)))

FYI, I do not love roses except for white ones.

He picked me up after work and we went to The Cave for dinner. You might be thinking why of all places we chose The Cave? Well, I would say both of us have always wanted to try that place out of curiosity so let this be the day!

I had their set dinner @ RM 46++

There's actually very limited choice of food here... seriously

One of the 'cubicles'.

Coffee for the set dinner

Spicy Seafood Soup which is made of miso soup and is quite spicy served with some seafood (portion quite frugal) and a slice of garlic bread. I do not like the soup at all.

Spinach Salmon Fillet. This one is really good!

We also ordered an ala carte Spicy Seafood Spaghetti served with garlic bread @ RM 29.90. Though nice, it is really spicy!

Banana Chocolate Cake is also included in the set dinner. Everyone knows I hate bananas yet their dessert of the day is made out of banana! Yuck... and I didn't touch this at all.

Greg told me that the flowers this afternoon is my anniversary present so I will not be getting any present from him anymore. Actually I thought he would give me a present but not a bouquet of flowers....

Mana tahu out of no where....


I should never take coffee again in the future before taking pics! My teeth is so damn yellow!

Muka so happy

what is it what is it??

It's a Dior Necklace!

Ok must take from this angle also...

Me: Err what is this?
Greg: U cannot guess one ah?
Me: Beetle! ..... Lady bird!!
Greg: -.-" Wrong... why u so stupid one? Can't u see what is it??
Me: Errr..... Wu Ying (fly)??? U trying to say I am a fly :(((((((
Greg: It's BEE lah stupid!!! Stands for Beebee (that's what we address each other)
Ziling: Ohhhh! I wanted to guess Moth on the next try already... hehehe

Greg: I saw the bee and I knew I must have it because it suits you and I like it very much. It reminds me so much of you..

For one second, I was in cloud 9 cos he was so nice and so sweet!

Actually his 1st comment was after I put on the necklace - "Shit. I'm so not used to you wearing such tiny accessory (Dior)"

People who knows me or work with me know that I love accessories and my accessories are all very chunky and big!

Errr... why his muka so ugly one?

Since he bought a bouquet of flowers for me, picked me up after work, brought me out for dinner and gave me a Dior necklace that cost him a bomb, I bought him dinner which was @ RM 87.30

At the end of the day, I was one HAPPY DIOR girl!

He thought I did not get him anything but I did...... I bought him a Mattress Pad from Friven (imported from UK)!

I know I know... why of all things I bought a mattress pad as an anniversary gift? Every single of my colleagues who knew about it went -.-" .... hahaha I just want him to have a more comfortable sleep each night :) How thoughtful :))))

Ziling: Surprised or not your present??
Greg: Your presents are always very "surprising" one lah.... always give things that don't link one.
Ziling: Why?!! Don't like is it!!! *eyes staring**
Greg: I like I like!
Ziling: Like then must use!!!!

This is how you force somemore to like your present. Hehe.... mission accomplished!

Eh not cheap one ok that present somemore so useful. I am really thoughtful =) He can use my present everyday while I can wear his Dior necklace everyday. So romantic! hehe


Happy Anniversary! May this just be the beginning for both of us

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jalan-Jalan @ Chao Phraya River

Our main motive was to get to the Chao Phraya Riverside for sightseeing and to do what tourists normally do - visit the ever popular tourist destinations. Too bad Jasmine and I were not allowed in because she wore 3/4 pants while I wore non-sleeveless top. We were then directed to the Chao Phraya river itself and persuaded to take a boat tour.

My sisters went to the Pratunam area for shopping instead

This is the Grand Palace but we couldn't enter

Instead we went into a 'kampung' area where we were then lead into a so-called jetty which we were conned of 600 Baht each for a 1 hour boat ride tour where they will take us along the river to sight see and to get off at Wat Arun for 20 mins. We learnt that we could get a cheaper boat ride like 5 mins away for just less than 400 Baht per person!

Here we got conned for another 40 Baht each person for taking pictures here not knowing at 'their feet', it is written 40 Baht for taking pictures!

It went like this : We were happily snapping pictures with each other. After we were done, two Thais came out of no where n demanded 40 Baht from each of us as it was written at the legs there! Walao so small and secluded who could see that lah!! Sigh

We were charged another 20 Baht for 'Landing Fee' at the Wat Arun. Haiyo!!

It was scorching hot in Bangkok so we gotten ourselves a coconut to cool us down. But it did no good so we purchased another bottle of cold tea.

The floating market is at the same place in the morning. We were there in the afternoon. Though we couldn't see any floating market, we saw 1 trader on the boat.

My advise is, if you just want to go for sight seeing and do not care much for the fees that you'll be paying, this place will be fine for you. But we were all not too happy having to pay so much extra and paying 40 Baht each for that stupid picture!

I am an angry tourist and I am gonna blacklist this place!