Thursday, October 30, 2008


One fine 11am morning (today), I was feeling a little bored at work so I decided to pay a visit to the pantry. Then, out of curiosity which is always one of my habits, I always like to look out of the window from the pantry.

To my horror.....

This man from SYABAS (Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor) opened the big water pipe from the back of my car to let out DIRTY & RUSTY water!

OMG and my car was just directly infront of the pipe!!!

Can you see how dirty the water is with the pipe bursting like a waterfall?!Within minutes, I became an 'alarm siren' and all my colleagues were already looking out of the windows and all said the same thing:

"Wah, I pity you Ziling. Your car is the only one there. Sure habis already!"

I was really really angry when I saw this happened. I could not go down to save my car because the road is flooded with the dirty water until it overflowed to the main road outside. Even if I went out, I will only get myself dirty with the water splashing to my clothes and my face, maybe (yuck yuck)

After the disaster was over, I went out to check the back of my car

Backside kena spots of rusty water already

My whole right side (towards the back) was so dirty though you can't really see it from here

I couldn't leave those rusty water marks there because it will "eat up" the car paint and then will be permanently there. So ugly! I drove my car out from the parking slot, searched for a pail and filled up the pail with water and carried it all the way to the car (fucking heavy ok)!

Then, I rolled up my working G2000 pants looking like a PADDY FARMER and splashed the back of the car with water. I went back and took another pail of water.

The black thing was caused by donno what long time ago (the paint got scrapped off)

Then, I took a piece of rug to wipe away the dirty spots. ALL UNDER THE FREAKING HOT SUN!!!

And the stupid FUCKING IDIOTIC guard who let the SYABAS guy in without informing us sat in his STUPID SMELLY GUARDHOUSE chatting and laughing away!!! He saw me carrying the water but did not even offered me help! After 20 minutes baked under the sun, I was freaking angry because he could have at least called us to remove our cars (unfortunately, it was only me) before it all started! But he didn't. All he ever did was to stand at the side looking for a .... good 30 minutes?!

When I was about to write an email to complain about that guard, I got news that his salary has already been deducted and it was more than a day's salary after knowing that my colleagues and I were fuming with anger. Ok fine, I did wanted to teach him a lesson but my point of writting that email is to have a CAR WASH with my company paying for it. That's all. A mere RM 10 car wash (I'm not kiamsap but certain things, I just cannot keep quiet!) Never did I intend to have that guard's salary deducted.

My hati tak ada begitu busuk ok!

A part of me felt really bad that his salary got deducted but at the same time, I am also angry at him! I don't care! I'm gonna go for a car wash and claim for it!!

Ps: I have not even kira with the company for having baked under the hot sun trying to remove those rusty spots!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shopping --> My New Enemy

I'm Really Super Duper Broke!

For the whole month of October, I spent so much money on shopping as practically everywhere is on SALE again after the month of August (Mega Sale)! Tipu one!! Why SALE so many times then how can I ever save money??

For the month of October, I bought the followings:

I love accessories! I bought these 2 rings from Jonker Street, Malacca!

Black beaded thongs from Jonker Street again

Pink sandals from Padini, Malacca

White cufflinks shirt from Padini

Grey working skirt from Padini

Green striped shirt from Padini

Am I in love with PADINI or something??

Brown beaded top from Padini Authentics

Errr until now I have not worn it

Brownish Beige top from SEED (Sorry I didn't iron it)

White top from SEED

Green similar looking top from SEED

Missing: A Blue color V shaped top from Padini Authentics (I do not know where I put that top already)

Now, conclusion is I am a huge supporter of The Padini Group though I'm not even their member -.-"..... However, I think Padini should give me a VIP card because I always buy their shoes/clothes almost every single month! Btw, Padini's HQ is a few steps away from my office -.-"" (should go work there and get staff discount)

The Highlight

White dress I bought ONLINE (Errr looks pretty ugly here because I haven't ironed it)

The back is really pretty because it's crossed

Now, I know that my pictures are ugly due to the unironed dress but fear not! Since I bought it online, of cos got picture of that model wearing it for you to see lah...

The front

The back (sorry no white colored dress's picture)

I bought it for RM 65 (including postage) while the original one from PADINI was sold at RM 110! I know because my sister has the original PADINI black one! Her bf must be cursing me because he bought it for her.... Buahahaha!

Greg and I love shopping too much, no wonder cannot save money at all! From November onwards, I shall stop shopping and save my money....



Monday, October 27, 2008

Dorsett Hotel @ Pasir Gudang, Johore

After the Branding Seminar at 6pm, Alton (Group Product Manaher), Chanttal (Candy), Lam (Biscuits) and I (Snacks) travelled to Johore for a meeting at the HQ, which is situated at Pasir Gudang. Lam and I are under the same boss and apparently, our Boss was not free to attend the meeting hence sent a representative from each division to represent her during that meeting.

I was the chosen one from Snacks Team (Donno good or bad also?) but was a little nervous because the meeting is meant for all Heads of Departments while I was the only junior there. Well, I was the lowest rank of all, even worse!

Anyway, this time, the company arranged four of us in a different hotel instead of in JB. We were to stay at Dorsett Hotel @ Plentong, which is 15 mins away from the HQ. Armed with a GPS, we managed to locate the place at 10pm.

Dorsett Hotel

The reception and cashier counter is decorated in shiny black.

Alton and Lam checking in

Chanttal manning the MPV while I was busy taking pictures

The hotel is a small one, hence the small lobby

The ladies stayed at the Business Suite while Alton had the Superior Twin.

The sofa bed at the living area

Very professional-like business table and chair with LCD TV

The bedroom partition consists of a Queen sized bed and a working table, together with a bedroom LCD TV

If you stay at the Business Suite, there will be 2 bathrooms. One at the living room while the other one at the bedroom.

Though there is no bathtub, they provide rainshowers! OMG I love rainshowers!!!!

We did not want to waste the room just like that since we checked in at around 10.30pm and had to leave the next day at 8am, the three of us watched TV till almost 1am before dozing off.

Lam at the living area enjoying the LCD TV. Errr actually that was my bed that night....

"Someone" ironed her clothes and made 2 holes at the ironing board by accidentally burning it with the iron

This hotel is pretty new because they only opened their doors for business 3 months ago! Their service is REALLY GOOD because they were so efficient and they SERVICE WITH A SMILE!

Complimentery Buffet Breakfast @ The Checkers (Coffee House)

I am expecting myself and the rest of the Marketing team to be staying at this hotel for the future meetings. Honestly, I am actually praying for the company to send us to his hotel in the future! Hehe

For more information, click on their website Dorsett Hotel

PS: Btw, the meeting was not bad. My latest discovery is that not all Head of Departments are "GHOSTS"!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Life

I am back in office after attending the 'Branding Workshop Day 1' at Sheraton Subang while tomorrow will be the final day, which is Day 2.

It was a 8.30am till 5.30am workshop for 2 days

Right after the workshop where the whole Subang is jammed up, I still have to go back to office to finish up my work and to settle unfinished things since I am in the FMCG industry, where everything is all about SPEED!

Okay actually now I am in the office and the time is 7.16pm. So sad and damn no life.

Watching movies in Wednesday is so cheap yet I still can't go.

I used to spend a lot of time with my friends until I realised I began neglecting someone. But when I stopped going out and reserved all my time for that particular person, he is busy with so many other priorities and other people that I can't help but to position myself as the last person in his heart. I couldn't even get to watch a movie that I've always wanted to watch with him though I asked for it for 3 consecutive times.

Therefore, this is an open invitation. Anyone wants to watch 'The House Bunny' with me?

Whoever it is, you will have to wait for me as I need to drive down south to Johore tomorrow right after the workshop at night to attend a meeting. Will be back on Friday after the meeting.

PS: Got bombarded with many many issues for this month until I've started to get a little tired of many many things ranging from career, relationships, health and money (basically almost everything!)

God, please save me!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Used To Look Like......

The word is 'SHIT'.

Taken when I was 17 years old, year 2003.

Oh gosh I look so ugly I can't even bear looking at myself!

Then, suddenly I transformed from an ugly duckling to a not-so-ugly duckling:

Taken in year 2005 when my hair was long then I permed it. Some people said I look like Charmaine Sheh (Sheh Sze Mun).... buahahaha!

When I got bored of dying my hair non-stop since year 2003, this time I dyed it BLACK as I was sick of other colors and chopped my hair shorter

Taken in year 2007 when my permed hair was chopped, hence the half curly half straight hair.

All of a sudden, a wire went loose on the head and I decided to cut it all off!

Taken in year 2008

In conclusion, I look so much better in short hair! And thank goodness I become prettier by the year and not otherwise!

Going for training tomorrow for 2 whole days so won't enter office but there will still be Roller Coaster selling at shops near you!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Societe Cafe & Wine Bar @ Lot 10

Was at Lot 10 last weekend for Isetan Member sale and was introduced to Societe, the proclaimed 'Shopaholic's Cafe' (Outside Isetan's Guess Kids)

It is furnished similarly to those cafes found in France, hence it's called 'Shopaholic's Cafe'?

The Food
Hokkien Mee With Bihun @ RM 12.80

For a Halal Hokkien Mee, this is considered really good like those non-Halal Hokkien mee with very good 'Wok Hei' (smokey taste). Only thing missing is Pork Lard (Chu Yao Char) and this dish would be heavenly! Again, it's Halal so NO Chu Yao Char!

Chef's Recommendation - Hakka Choy Bee Hoon @ RM 12.80

Bee Hoon fried with chinese mushrooms, prawns, carrots, preserved lettuce, eggs, chilli and coriander, this dish is really tasty. The only thing that spoilt the whole thing was the STUPID SMELLY IDIOTIC coriander!!!

Why did I order it then?

Cos my eyes were playing tricks with me and I missed the 'Coriander' word from the menu when I ordered it!

Wild Mushroom Soup @ RM 7.80, served with Garlic Bread

I would give this soup a 2/5 because it is a little diluted and the taste of milk/cream is too strong until it overpowers the wild mushroom taste, you get what I mean?

Anyway, I know lah this soup doesn't match what we ordered but got cravings mah.... suddenly mau minum Wild Mushroom soup mah. Oh another thing is, the wild mushroom soup that I like should be browner and darker than this.

I took so long to finish my food because I was busy picking those STUPID SMELLY IDIOTIC coriander a.k.a Parsley! Really spoil my appetite even looking at this picture now!

I still do not understand why my mother likes putting Parsley in whatever she cooks! Doesn't she know it is DAMN smelly and it spoils FOOD?

I am on a war against PARSLEY & CORIANDER!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

When Eating Isn't Fun

Everyone knows where I work and what I do.

Some calls it JUNK food. Some calls it SNACK food while others call it FUN food. Whatever way you call it, nobody can ever deny that these food are laden with oil and salt. Same goes to the food that I am refraining myself from eating for the past few days because I've become really fat!

Keropok Lekor!

Wow.... Yummm Yummm..... so soft and fattening! I like!

The only type of banana that I eat so happens is Pisang Goreng! Yummmmy!

And because I am so FAT even Greg is already complaining so I haven't been eating a lot once a while and sometimes lunch, I only survive on this:


Sometimes yummy when you are not hungry but most of the time, they look like shit. You know those type of shit when you get food poisoning?

Yeah, that is the kind of shit I'm talking about.

Haih why can't I eat all I want and never get fat?!?