Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Used To Look Like......

The word is 'SHIT'.

Taken when I was 17 years old, year 2003.

Oh gosh I look so ugly I can't even bear looking at myself!

Then, suddenly I transformed from an ugly duckling to a not-so-ugly duckling:

Taken in year 2005 when my hair was long then I permed it. Some people said I look like Charmaine Sheh (Sheh Sze Mun).... buahahaha!

When I got bored of dying my hair non-stop since year 2003, this time I dyed it BLACK as I was sick of other colors and chopped my hair shorter

Taken in year 2007 when my permed hair was chopped, hence the half curly half straight hair.

All of a sudden, a wire went loose on the head and I decided to cut it all off!

Taken in year 2008

In conclusion, I look so much better in short hair! And thank goodness I become prettier by the year and not otherwise!

Going for training tomorrow for 2 whole days so won't enter office but there will still be Roller Coaster selling at shops near you!


KY said...

the 2003 eiling, so small. :P

-eiling- said...

che lian

YilingL said...

never ask permission before posting our pics.

EM said...

3 of you look GOOD in short hair.
As for your elder sis, i find that nowadays she smile more in her pics compared to last time. Keep it up! :)

* ZILING * said...

KY: So small and so ugly.. hehe

Eiling & Yiling: I'm just telling the truth

EM: I look the best. Eiling is as ugly as ever! hehehehe

Lydia said...

haha ziling, what nonsense. i think you were very pretty even when you were younger okay! xxx

* ZILING * said...

Lydia: Hah really meh? Cheh never see u puji me when u were with me also.... :(