Sunday, October 19, 2008

Societe Cafe & Wine Bar @ Lot 10

Was at Lot 10 last weekend for Isetan Member sale and was introduced to Societe, the proclaimed 'Shopaholic's Cafe' (Outside Isetan's Guess Kids)

It is furnished similarly to those cafes found in France, hence it's called 'Shopaholic's Cafe'?

The Food
Hokkien Mee With Bihun @ RM 12.80

For a Halal Hokkien Mee, this is considered really good like those non-Halal Hokkien mee with very good 'Wok Hei' (smokey taste). Only thing missing is Pork Lard (Chu Yao Char) and this dish would be heavenly! Again, it's Halal so NO Chu Yao Char!

Chef's Recommendation - Hakka Choy Bee Hoon @ RM 12.80

Bee Hoon fried with chinese mushrooms, prawns, carrots, preserved lettuce, eggs, chilli and coriander, this dish is really tasty. The only thing that spoilt the whole thing was the STUPID SMELLY IDIOTIC coriander!!!

Why did I order it then?

Cos my eyes were playing tricks with me and I missed the 'Coriander' word from the menu when I ordered it!

Wild Mushroom Soup @ RM 7.80, served with Garlic Bread

I would give this soup a 2/5 because it is a little diluted and the taste of milk/cream is too strong until it overpowers the wild mushroom taste, you get what I mean?

Anyway, I know lah this soup doesn't match what we ordered but got cravings mah.... suddenly mau minum Wild Mushroom soup mah. Oh another thing is, the wild mushroom soup that I like should be browner and darker than this.

I took so long to finish my food because I was busy picking those STUPID SMELLY IDIOTIC coriander a.k.a Parsley! Really spoil my appetite even looking at this picture now!

I still do not understand why my mother likes putting Parsley in whatever she cooks! Doesn't she know it is DAMN smelly and it spoils FOOD?

I am on a war against PARSLEY & CORIANDER!!


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such a highclass name but hawker kinda food....???

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Yiling: They also have steaks and other western food.