Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Evening at To Dine For

After 22 years of of hating and celebrating Valentine's Day alone or with single friends, this is the FIRST and the ONLY year so far I gotta experience that day with someone special.

I even have a term for Valentine's Day for people like me, I call it " Singletine's Day"

Lame I know but Lame I am ..... -.-

On the eve of Valentine's Day, I went to my sister's office during lunch time to collect something for my sister and to my surprise, my friend gave me a Valentine's Day gift.... hehe so sweet!

A wooden vase

With a message too!

On Valentine's day itself, when I was in midst of "doing some big business" my sister told me I got mail. When I finally got out of "the venue for doing big business", I found this in the living room:

My first bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day!

Somemore my favourite - Pink Lilies!! (FYI, I do not like roses except for white ones) It came with a Valentine's Day card, all specially arranged delivery by a taxi.

Me posing with my flowers =)))))

Instead of only giving me a dozen or two dozen stalks of flowers, I got 20 STALKS of pink lilies which actually look bigger than me!

We adjourned to 'To Dine For' Fine Thai Cuisine at Chulan Square (also known as Bangkok Jazz) for dinner. I've always loved going to Bangkok Jazz for some drinks and chit chatting more than going anywhere else, instead I've been frequenting that place for quite a few times as there is a live jazz band every Saturday night. However, I've never been to their restaurant (1 floor above) for the food.

Their Valentine's Day Set Menu which I will never order because I always find them boring and expensive (like I've ever tried ordering them >.<)

Of all the restaurants opened by Sea Cuisine (To Dine For is a franchise by Sea Cuisine), this restaurant is the one that I love most in terms of atmosphere, decor and food too. If you have tried Amarin and Flying Chillies in Midvalley and The Gardens, I somehow find the Tom Yum there spicier and the decor, though nice is still incomparable to To Dine For.

We booked ourselves 1 week earlier but we were given a table facing the entrance but he got them to arrange another nicer table for us a day before. Finally, we got a table next to the window. Nice, I like!

Tom Yum Talay Fire Pot for 2 pax (Tom Yum Seafood Soup - thick) @ RM 29.90

I love Tom Yum and this soup is really really good, not too spicy and not too bland with the perfect level of sourness. Also in this soup is big fresh prawns (the type used in Sang Har Mee) .... yummy!

Yam Sam O (Pomelo Sunburst Salad) @ RM 15.90

Don't get fooled by the picture because if I were to rate this dish, it's only 4/10! 2 marks for the prawns and another 2 for the squids only. Reason being the pomelo is too BITTER so it polluted the whole dish! Not recommended unless you like really bitter pomelo.

Phad Thai Goong Sod (Thai style fried noodle with shrimps, egg and bean sprouts) @ RM 16.90

My first time having Phad Thai noodle, so GOOOooood that I forgot to take pictures of it until we were like half way eating. The noodle is so flavorful and so nice with a light tinge of sourness that it made the whole dish so addictive! I'm serious!

Khao Pad Sab-Pa-Rod-Gai (Pineapple Fried Rice With Chicken) @ RM 16.90

Though expecting the dish to be served in a half cut pineapple, it was actually served in a plate. But fear not, the rice is soft, fluffy and taste really really good with bits of pineapples and raisins. I think it would taste better with prawns instead but we ordered too many prawns/ seafood related dishes hence we opt for a chicken one instead.

Tam Tim Krob (Iced Water Chestnuts In Coconut Milk) @ RM 9.90

By the time we had our desserts, we were already so stuffed we actually ended up playing with the food. Everytime he took a spoonful of the coconut milk dessert, I would take my spoon to scoop all the water out then we would end up laughing and scolding each other. I think we disturbed many couples dining there.... lame and childish I know =((

So stuffed I could barely walk and smile for the camera

Each couple dining there that night were given a pink rose by the restaurant... though not my favourite flower, it still gave me big smile on my face =))))))))

At the end of the day, things shall not go only 1 way. While the guy took the effort and money buying and delivering flowers to my house, booking a table for dinner and getting a better table more private with a better view, I gave him a gift as a way to tell him that I appreciate all his effort.

CK Perfumes for Travellers

I bought the travellers kit because a real size bottle would be too big and too much while the miniatures ones would be too small. With the travellers' set, he could put it in his office or car and bring it along during a trip as it won't take too much space. Smart leh?

Which adds into the collection of his perfumes - A total of 22 BOTTLES for a single young guy!!!

And as a female, I have about 10 BOTTLES only!!!

Happy Valentine's Day people! Hope you enjoy the day as much as I did!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ang Pow Award

This Year, I got a total of 43 Ang Pows from CNY! Considered not too bad lah looking at the bad economy now ok?

All 43 Ang Pows lying around

And from this 43 Ang Pows, I am giving 3 Awards away!

Most Prestigious Ang Pow

'Gold' Pow from Ms. Koh

I know, what is so special about this Ang Pow right? It looks damn plain and damn normal right??

Tada! It actually opens like a purse!

The Ang Pow That Stood Out From The Rest

One look and you'll know that the colour is different and very pastel like.... so sweet looking! It somehow reminds me of Mid-Autumn festival instead

Most Special Never Seen Before Ang Pow

Ang Pow with Mercedes Benz picture (it's not from Mercedes btw)

And if you think that's it, you're WRONG!

When you pull it up, it looks like this:

Tada!!! So Cute!!! It's from Jane Cheng and this Ang Pow is bought, not taken freely from some banks or something =))))

I like!

There you have it, the 3 Awards given for Ang Pows! For the closing, I shall let you sneak peak on my collection this year:

Oi masuk bank one ok?? Cannot spend one so don't even think of asking me to treat you makan....


Monday, February 9, 2009

The New Year For The Chinese

I think this is some sort of a mandatory post for a lot of bloggers out there as whatever and wherever I click, it's all filled with the CNY posts. I did not want to post the same thing but then if you can't beat them, join them!

However, I am a very lazy person as I like to have the pictures do the talking instead (as I've been talking too much and too loud 24/7 in real life)

In summary, I spent 3 days of my CNY in Ipoh, the place I was born and bred, visiting houses, "making indirect source of income", eating and.... errr.... eating too.

I did not know that purple was the theme of the year

It has been a tradition for my family to have a tea ceremony every 1st CNY morning.

Children will wish the parents all the well wishes before the parents hand their ang pows to us.

After that, Mission Accomplished!!

This year, Dad managed to come back from Dubai (for those that do not know, dad has been working outstation ever since before I was born so we seldom see him) to celebrate CNY with us, therefore, we managed to have a family portrait together.

The Lim family portrait

10 years down the road, if we were to take the same portrait again, let's see who will be carrying their kids first!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Little Things That Count

You know, some people go through mountains and seas to impress others .... or should I rephrase it to 'trying to impress others'

but actually it's the little things that count....

Yesterday, while I was in the loo taking a piss, my colleague came in telling me that she received a call from the Guard House telling me that there's a cake delivery for me.

I was like "No. It wasn't my Birthday. I don't have a fan club either"

There I was then, standing at the entrance of the office with a Secret Recipe delivery van in front of me passing me a box of cake after signing the deliver order form

Awwww..... So sweet!

If you are into blogging, you would have known whom is and how we got to know each other. But the sweetest thing of all is that I've seen and gone though the moments where so many of my colleagues going down to the entrance/ guard house receiving flowers, cakes, presents (either by us or by their partner/friend). I never could have imagined one day the person going down would be me.

Actually my life's not that sad lah... I do have friends coming to my office giving me stuff or suprises but no surprises of 'that sort'. U might have experienced a lot of this especially during Valentine's Day (though I've never celebrated one...... surprising leh?!)

Anyway, Thanks HB for the cake. I really appreciate the thought like how you appreciated us for bringing you around in Ipoh.