Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ang Pow Award

This Year, I got a total of 43 Ang Pows from CNY! Considered not too bad lah looking at the bad economy now ok?

All 43 Ang Pows lying around

And from this 43 Ang Pows, I am giving 3 Awards away!

Most Prestigious Ang Pow

'Gold' Pow from Ms. Koh

I know, what is so special about this Ang Pow right? It looks damn plain and damn normal right??

Tada! It actually opens like a purse!

The Ang Pow That Stood Out From The Rest

One look and you'll know that the colour is different and very pastel like.... so sweet looking! It somehow reminds me of Mid-Autumn festival instead

Most Special Never Seen Before Ang Pow

Ang Pow with Mercedes Benz picture (it's not from Mercedes btw)

And if you think that's it, you're WRONG!

When you pull it up, it looks like this:

Tada!!! So Cute!!! It's from Jane Cheng and this Ang Pow is bought, not taken freely from some banks or something =))))

I like!

There you have it, the 3 Awards given for Ang Pows! For the closing, I shall let you sneak peak on my collection this year:

Oi masuk bank one ok?? Cannot spend one so don't even think of asking me to treat you makan....



Huai Bin said...

eRM...treat me makan? ;)

cindy khor said...

i love the last ang pow...super canggih..never seen it before...

YilingL said...

ishk i tot of doing the ang pow post as well...

Vincent Teh said...

what's the point of revealing when you can't treat us makan?? >.<

* ZILING * said...

HB: Already stated NO TREATING!!

Cindy: Me too... so cute somemore it's Mercedes!

Yiling: Post la... who's stopping you!?

Vincent: I like lah! Hateful!

cuxinn said...

heyy, since i didnt get to collect this year, i think you should share some with me :) no need belanja makan!

* ZILING * said...

Cuxinn: U buy me Victoria's Secret then I share my meal with you =)))