Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Little Things That Count

You know, some people go through mountains and seas to impress others .... or should I rephrase it to 'trying to impress others'

but actually it's the little things that count....

Yesterday, while I was in the loo taking a piss, my colleague came in telling me that she received a call from the Guard House telling me that there's a cake delivery for me.

I was like "No. It wasn't my Birthday. I don't have a fan club either"

There I was then, standing at the entrance of the office with a Secret Recipe delivery van in front of me passing me a box of cake after signing the deliver order form

Awwww..... So sweet!

If you are into blogging, you would have known whom Sixthseal.com is and how we got to know each other. But the sweetest thing of all is that I've seen and gone though the moments where so many of my colleagues going down to the entrance/ guard house receiving flowers, cakes, presents (either by us or by their partner/friend). I never could have imagined one day the person going down would be me.

Actually my life's not that sad lah... I do have friends coming to my office giving me stuff or suprises but no surprises of 'that sort'. U might have experienced a lot of this especially during Valentine's Day (though I've never celebrated one...... surprising leh?!)

Anyway, Thanks HB for the cake. I really appreciate the thought like how you appreciated us for bringing you around in Ipoh.


Huai Bin said...

No worries. It's my pleasure. Going back to work sucks. :)

I'm sorry I didn't know you don't like banana.

Have a great day, Ziling!

KY said...

are you going out with HB on feb 14! *wink*

YilingL said...

!!! and u never share the cake!!! hmmph!!! she doesnt like bananas, but she definitely eat banana chocolate cake!

Huai Bin said...

Geram-nya...today our office air conditioning decided to quit functioning.

Hot and sweaty in a room full of 20 people = anger.

Everyone was like, on a super short fuse one.

Nevermind, tomorrow we move to another place which HAS A/C coz the fixers can't fix it for two weeks. WTF is that all about? 2 weeks to fix an A/C unit?

Eh sorry rant at your blog coz I can't exactly rant at mine coz er...my coworkers reads my blog. As do my boss.

Yiling, Ziling told me she doesn't have a sweet tooth!

-eiling- said...

why never share with me also?!! Jealousnya...

Lydia said...

aww ziling, that is very sweet of HB! I also want a slice okay. Save one for me till I come back :D

* ZILING * said...

HB: Everyone knows I hate bananas!!! but thanks a lot HB ;)

KY: U'll know what i do on Feb 14 when I post that up.

Yiling: Errr... I dont like chocolate banana cake either.

Eiling: Never see you share your presents with me???

Lydia: U sure you want somemore Ang Moh food??!?

Huai Bin said...

No problem at all. :)

Here at sixthseal.com we like to spread the festive cheer...

...even though we're damn broke one. :p