Monday, September 29, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Orange Club

I shall start my new blog with an interesting entry!

Hennessy Artistry

On Saturday, I attended the 5th Hennessy Artistry, which was my 2nd Henessy Artistry event as I was too occupied to attend the first three. This time it was held in Orange Club, an unknown and anonymous club which noobies like me did not know of before this event.

Orange Club

So, in a way, Hennessy Artistry helped promote this place actually.

Anyway, it was supposed to start at 9pm but knowing *Superstars* like us like to make a grand entrance, we reached the place at 9.45pm by parking at Menara HLA which also houses the famous Lampe Berger. Believe me, the registration queue was so long it could actually put someone deep in sleep.

Featuring : Until June. The DEY, Shayne Ward


Arriving with my new fuchsia dress

DJs Wannabes

The crazy bunch

Stein and I

Edwin and I

May Li and I

Greg and I

My bunch of buddies

Sisters and Greg

We just love the red carpet

The highlight besides the booze - Shayne Ward!

With makan blogger - KY

Fellow SEDians - Sebestian, Chiew Ming, Greg

Ian, Jasmine, ME, Greg

We just love the red carpet!

This time, I had a very decent number of glasses of booze as I was in my PMS mood so everything was just not right.

The registration queue was too long!
Greg was so wrong by asking me to cut queue!
The crowd was too big for a small venue!
The drinks that Greg brought for me was not my cup of tea!
My heels were hurting my feet like a bitch!
The smoke was getting into my eyes!

Yeah, I do realise I can be bitchy at times when The Time Of The Month approaches. But all in all,

One word to sum Hennessy Artistry - FANTASTIC!

..... but too packed!

I'm looking forward for the next Hennessy Artistry event!