Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Colorful!

I wasted my exclusive invite for FJ Benjamin's Branded Sale on Thursday @ Parkroyal! Once I have missed something, never will I be bothered to go there anymore because everything nice will no longer be there.

The company that holds brands like Guess, Gap, Banana Republic, La Senza and Raoul.

Until my sister told me that they replenished their stocks on Saturday. I reached Parkroyal hotel at 4pm and managed to grab these last minute:

La Senza Candy Swim Skirts

I didn't know it was for swimming because I grabbed it since they were so cheap! I think it can be used for swimming, going out, sleeping, showering... whatever it is lah! Retail price @ RM 69 per piece

La Senza Bras

It's so amazing I still managed to find lingerie MY SIZE on the 3rd day of the sale @ 4pm! Retail price per bra is @ RM 129.

Hijau ada, Putih ada, Ungu ada .... memang berwarna-warni!

Ok that was all I got from the sale because practically all the clothes and shoes were all sold out of my size. Luckily all SOLD OUT or else what am I gonna pay with for my food, petrol, insurance, toll for the month??

On the other hand, managed to meet up with Edwin and Stein along with 2 others last weekend for some drinks @ Halo Cafe, Pyramid. Pictures taken before I was allowed to wash my hair after my cut & dye job (lack of volume)

Edwin with his facial expression which I am so biasa with.

Stein loves MY Samsung phone, I know.

Great catch up but not-so-nice pictures of my head!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sick With Many Colors

Haha that's the direct translation of 'Peng Dou Ng Ngan Yuk Sik' (sick until .... damn sick)

On Sunday, I was still so healthy lepaking from Sunway Pyramid till NZX (Niu Zhe Xui) from afternoon till night time. One look at the picture and you can judge how good I was feeling, internally and externally.

Ok that's not my car.

The next day on Monday, I took MC at 11am because my right eye started to swell and it hurts though I did not know what was causing it. It just got bengkak but my eyesight and all was still fine but everytime my eye blinks, there was a sharp pain.

It was a small issue so I went to the Panel Doctor because I have no money to pay for my medical fee knowing panel doctors normally give cheap medication but what the heck, I still went for it. Doctor said it might be infection due to my hair follicle or whatever that is.

I was given some painkillers and eye ointment.

At 6pm, I experience chronic pain on my abdomen and area near the butt (actually it was my asshole) until I couldn't even walk because every single movement I took, the pain was excruciating. After almost 2 hours of begging and nagging from somebody, I finally decided to see a doctor, but not my panel one because this is serious.

Doctor found out that I had FOOD POISONING though there was no purging and it had lasted for more than a week as I had the same thing last week but it only lasted for 2 days and the pain was not as serious as this time. My tummy bloated and grew from the size of a papaya to a watermelon! He refrained me from eating MEAT, VEGE, FRUITS, BUTTER, MILK and not to eat as much as possible. The doctor told me that I did not take care of my diet after last week's incident and the bacteria were all still inside my tummy. All the gas and toxin were all sitting in my tummy and putting a lot of pressure on the rectum, hence the pain in the asshole. I was on MC again on Tuesday because I still couldn't really walk and became a vegetable.

On Wednesday, I asked an earlier release from my Boss to see the doctor again as the pain went from my tummy and asshole to my spine. He gave me some medication again as I had to hunch when I walk, just like an old lady.

For the past 4 days, I had to swallow 8 different pills.

Since it was not a Panel Doctor, I had to pay RM 100 for two visits.

I feel so poor now.

Boon also dropped by my office to send me Aloe Vera Gel in which he claims is good for digestion and even gave me a mug because I am not supposed to stir or pour the gel with metal spoon/cup.

Thanks to everyone for their concerns and to the ONE who took the trouble of sending me here and there for the doctor visits.

I am on leave on Thursday to rest because being in the office is strenous to my body. Out of 5 days in a week, I only work a total of two days - Wednesday and Friday.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hair Makeover

I went to my usual & current hair salon in SS2 (yeah I drove all the way for 40 mins to reach ss2) to re-style my hair as it lacks volume and shape after my hair job in June.

I still cut a lil last month but the same old look bores me.

My first experience with the hair stylist turned out like this

If you look upclose, my hair consists of 3 colors - base, highlights and lowlights. She manages to satisfy the fussy me in just one visit. After that, I raved about her and gave her so much publicity that my whole department goes to only her when it comes to hair now. All thanks to Chanttal for introducing the lady to me..

I looked like this yesterday. My hair was so out of place I had to pin it.

This morning I arrived at the salon with Alyssa at 9.45am like this.

You might ask me, why would I still want to color my hair as the color is still there?

Ziling: Hair makeover will never be complete with just a hair cut and no hair dye.

I was in the salon for almost 4 hours on a Saturday morning. In fact, the hairstylist's whole morning was booked by females from my office! Alyssa and I at 10 am while my boss came in at 12.30pm and after I left at around 2pm, my boss was still in the midst of having her hair colored. Since the hair stylist and I had pretty good chemistry and I was there from morning till afternoon, she even paid for my McDonald's Delivery! Hehe. She even claimed that everytime I talk, her baby (she's pregnant) seems to like me as he kept kicking her from inside. I told her that the baby is trying to ask me to shut up -.-"

To be honest my pictures really look ugly. Don't look as pretty as me also.

The color as usual consists of base, lowlights and highlights again. She was a color consultant for Schwarzkopf so mixing and matching colors is her forte. However, the color has yet to be seen cos my pictures are dark. When put under intense light (camera flash):


Hoepfully I don't get fired for having this kinda hair style =) Peace!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Wine Class

Since I did not go all the way to Johor to attend my Annual Dinner this year, I stayed back claiming I had other things to do on a Saturday night (don want to sacrifice for the company). Actually it was such a waste because I represented the whole Marketing Department alone approached and managed to get 4 Big Prizes sponsored by the agencies/ suppliers. Really "Sit Tai Sai" I couldn't win any!

Annual Dinner Last year

Anyway, Greg forced me to attend a wine class together with a few others under the training of his Managing Director, whom is a legal Dive & Wine trainer. It was held in Cafe 8 in which he booked the whole upstairs, equipped with a projector and Mac Book, we had our class there which is @ RM 500 per person (of cos I managed to attend FOC)

Wine Class

I'm not a fan of wine. In fact I have never liked drinking wine throughout the 22 years of living on this earth! I find wine is bitter and they have this kind of "weird" taste that have the tendency to make you vomit. Therefore, I've always stick to hard liquor when it comes to taking in alcohol.

Anyway, the whole class took around 5 hours as we went though the origins of wine to different types of wine to the differences between Champagne and Sparkling Wine. Of cos there was wine and champagne tasting but obviously we couldn't take in too much as there was 6 of us only.

A decanter is used to breathe/ air the wine

Facts I learnt:

- When a wine has soury taste, we do not call it "sour". In fact, we use the word DRY. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon is a type of wine that is pretty dry.

-In most cases of champagne, we use the word 'BRUT'. So if you see BRUT on champagne bottles, it means it is dry and often with no sweetness. My first glass was a pink champagne (name forgotten) labeled BRUT with 12% alcohol and it went straight up to my head causing dizziness while leaving bittery and soury taste in my mouth.

- Champagnes and Sparkling wines are similar. The only differences is the price of cos! Sparkling wines can be produced everywhere but 'champagne' is a trademark where only areas given the trademark can name the sparkling wine it produces as 'Champagne'.

- There are many ranks of Champagnes from the expensive ones to the so-so ones. The major hint that differentiate them is their bubble/gas. By looking at the gas, which I will not elaborate determines what class the champagne belongs to. So, don't even try to con me on the level of the champagne if you intend to impress me!

- Table wines normally served in restaurants are cheaper wines. One of the reasons is that it is not fortified wine (normally below 12% alcohol level) while Dessert wines are often sweeter.

Different glasses for different wine

Now don't you see yourself smarter after reading my blog?


Now go show off to others! Hehe

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Bitter Truth

The lack of updates well explain my life at the moment.

Busy. Bitter. Helpless.

Though I hate to admit, my mood has not been good lately and I tried really hard to control it especially when it comes to work. It was all within control till one day I finally EXPLODED in the office, shocking all my colleagues and my boss on my outburst. Totally unprofessional but couldn't help it. My bad. It was quiet and peaceful when I suddenly yelled at somebody and threw a tentrum. I was so angry I had to immediately report it to my boss because a certain someone had pushed me way over my limits.

That night itself, I worked late till 8pm+ and got to know something that made me pretty unhappy yet I couldn't voice it out because I am in no position to say anything. However, I felt really betrayed and I realised people can just break their promise thinking that it will not affect anyone. Have they ever think of how others would react? I felt really disappointed and again, I am back to this situation - Unhappy and frustrated.

Tonight, even the water decided to bully me! I couldn't turn off the shower water because each time I tried to turn the knob, the water would start bursting through the knob and almost flooded my toilet. I was all alone at home and tried to call my neighbours but all were not at home! After that managed to get a lady neighbour to help but every single plumber or contractor we called either did not pick up or was not available. Talk about pure bad luck! At that moment of time I was really scared and I felt so helpess. I didn't know who to call for help and who to rely on when in times of trouble.... I just know I gotta do it alone. In the end, managed to get someone in to help, thankfully.

On personal note, I'd prefer to keep it rather personal as all that in my life right now is devastating. I did a lot of thinking and all I ever want is to take a break, from the rest of the world. Just me alone away from everyone. As simple as that.

In times of adversities, I do not want to explain myself to anyone. It is best not to react because I couldn't help but to think that I'm a good-for-nothing. If there's me or No-me in this world, it doesn't make a slight difference at all. All I need is an escape from reality and back when I am readied to. Sadly, I can't do it.... just yet.
(wanna die also must die at the right time so won't pull people into the water, right?)

Very negative post.

Don't read and follow my footsteps.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Messing The Kitchen

Greg has been bugging me to cook for him since centuries ago but I'm just too lazy to do it. However, I've been boiling soups now and then since Mother is in Dubai so he has actually tasted my soups.

Why soups?

Because I love drinking soups! I feel that Chinese food is never complete without a wholesome boiling hot soup, don't you think?

On saturday, after lunch, both of us went to Carrefour and bought ingredients to make Aglio Olio Seafood Pasta with Borsch Soup. Both are easy to make but the preperation is the diffucult part - lots of peeling, washing, cutting, dicing and etc.

Someone is actually doing some work =) I'm so proud of him!

The Outcome

Seafood Spaghetti With Basil and Grapeseed Oil (Grapeseed Oil is as healthy as Olive oil, if not better)

- Spaghetti
- Lala (soak in salt water for the sand to come out)
- Prawns (cleaned & cut away the head)
- Squids (cleaned n cut into rings)
- Chopped Onions
- Chopped Garlic
- Grapeseed Oil
- Basil
- Sliced Button Mushrooms
- Salt, Soya Sauce, Butter, Basil, Black pepper (for seasoning)

Method : Boil the spaghetti in a large pot of boiling water with salt and some oil. After that, drain and leave aside (add a little bit of grapeseed/ olive oil to avoid the noodles from sticking together). Meanwhile, heat up the pan with grapeseed oil, and fry onions and garlic till fragrant. Then, add in all the seafood (squids, prawns, lala) and mushrooms and stir fry till cooked. After that, add in the spaghetti, butter, soya sauce, basil, salt, black pepper and stir fry together. Your spaghetti is now ready to be eaten!

So simple right? The spaghetti is SO DELICIOUS Greg wished he could have one more serving!

Borsch Soup

Ok actually this doesn't really turn out that good compared to Kim Gary's. Anyway the ingredients are:

- Chicken Feet (you can use pork or beef if you want)
- Onions
- Sliced Button Mushrooms
- Sliced Cabbage
- Sliced/ Cubed Carrots
- Tomatoes (cut into wedges)
- Tomato Paste/ Puree (depending on how red & sourish you want it to be)
- Salt
- Celery ( I didn't put that into my soup)

Method: Dump everything into the pot and boil till your ingredients are soft and the soup is flavorful. I used Pressure cooker so the soup was done in 20 minutes! Anyway, if you are lazy, you can just purchase a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup and add in musrooms, carrots, celery and cabbage only.

Though the preperation period took us almost 2 hours and co-operation to work together (he wants everything sliced nicely according to the same diameters & measurements ... so hateful!), we enjoyed cooking together and thankfully, the food turned out pretty good too! We are doing this again soon! Yay!