Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sick With Many Colors

Haha that's the direct translation of 'Peng Dou Ng Ngan Yuk Sik' (sick until .... damn sick)

On Sunday, I was still so healthy lepaking from Sunway Pyramid till NZX (Niu Zhe Xui) from afternoon till night time. One look at the picture and you can judge how good I was feeling, internally and externally.

Ok that's not my car.

The next day on Monday, I took MC at 11am because my right eye started to swell and it hurts though I did not know what was causing it. It just got bengkak but my eyesight and all was still fine but everytime my eye blinks, there was a sharp pain.

It was a small issue so I went to the Panel Doctor because I have no money to pay for my medical fee knowing panel doctors normally give cheap medication but what the heck, I still went for it. Doctor said it might be infection due to my hair follicle or whatever that is.

I was given some painkillers and eye ointment.

At 6pm, I experience chronic pain on my abdomen and area near the butt (actually it was my asshole) until I couldn't even walk because every single movement I took, the pain was excruciating. After almost 2 hours of begging and nagging from somebody, I finally decided to see a doctor, but not my panel one because this is serious.

Doctor found out that I had FOOD POISONING though there was no purging and it had lasted for more than a week as I had the same thing last week but it only lasted for 2 days and the pain was not as serious as this time. My tummy bloated and grew from the size of a papaya to a watermelon! He refrained me from eating MEAT, VEGE, FRUITS, BUTTER, MILK and not to eat as much as possible. The doctor told me that I did not take care of my diet after last week's incident and the bacteria were all still inside my tummy. All the gas and toxin were all sitting in my tummy and putting a lot of pressure on the rectum, hence the pain in the asshole. I was on MC again on Tuesday because I still couldn't really walk and became a vegetable.

On Wednesday, I asked an earlier release from my Boss to see the doctor again as the pain went from my tummy and asshole to my spine. He gave me some medication again as I had to hunch when I walk, just like an old lady.

For the past 4 days, I had to swallow 8 different pills.

Since it was not a Panel Doctor, I had to pay RM 100 for two visits.

I feel so poor now.

Boon also dropped by my office to send me Aloe Vera Gel in which he claims is good for digestion and even gave me a mug because I am not supposed to stir or pour the gel with metal spoon/cup.

Thanks to everyone for their concerns and to the ONE who took the trouble of sending me here and there for the doctor visits.

I am on leave on Thursday to rest because being in the office is strenous to my body. Out of 5 days in a week, I only work a total of two days - Wednesday and Friday.



YaNg MaY said...

love your new hairstlye! take care aye!

* ZILING * said...

Thanks babe!

-eiling- said...

ish purposely send euro-deli mug. Sure free one la?!! Aiyoh Greg "mou deng kei" lo...

Lydia said...

goodness, i hope you are feeling better now ziling! and yes you look gorgeous with the new hairstyle!

YilingL said...

you have pain in the ass because you are a pain in the ass! muahahaha how apt is that!!! hehehe okok is it "the return of the boon"?????? kakakakakakakaka :p

* ZILING * said...

Eiling: If someone would have treated me better...

Suet Mei: I'm all right now.. Thanks! Hehe

Yiling: U lah pain in the shit hole!