Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hair Makeover

I went to my usual & current hair salon in SS2 (yeah I drove all the way for 40 mins to reach ss2) to re-style my hair as it lacks volume and shape after my hair job in June.

I still cut a lil last month but the same old look bores me.

My first experience with the hair stylist turned out like this

If you look upclose, my hair consists of 3 colors - base, highlights and lowlights. She manages to satisfy the fussy me in just one visit. After that, I raved about her and gave her so much publicity that my whole department goes to only her when it comes to hair now. All thanks to Chanttal for introducing the lady to me..

I looked like this yesterday. My hair was so out of place I had to pin it.

This morning I arrived at the salon with Alyssa at 9.45am like this.

You might ask me, why would I still want to color my hair as the color is still there?

Ziling: Hair makeover will never be complete with just a hair cut and no hair dye.

I was in the salon for almost 4 hours on a Saturday morning. In fact, the hairstylist's whole morning was booked by females from my office! Alyssa and I at 10 am while my boss came in at 12.30pm and after I left at around 2pm, my boss was still in the midst of having her hair colored. Since the hair stylist and I had pretty good chemistry and I was there from morning till afternoon, she even paid for my McDonald's Delivery! Hehe. She even claimed that everytime I talk, her baby (she's pregnant) seems to like me as he kept kicking her from inside. I told her that the baby is trying to ask me to shut up -.-"

To be honest my pictures really look ugly. Don't look as pretty as me also.

The color as usual consists of base, lowlights and highlights again. She was a color consultant for Schwarzkopf so mixing and matching colors is her forte. However, the color has yet to be seen cos my pictures are dark. When put under intense light (camera flash):


Hoepfully I don't get fired for having this kinda hair style =) Peace!


Anonymous said...

normally how much does it cost for a haircut ( ladies) and coloured & highlight hair at your salon?

* ZILING * said...

Haircut for RM 20. Coloring for RM 120. Normally she does cut and coloring together which is RM 120 also.

Anonymous said...

3 types of colours only cost abour RM120? Haha . so cheap! I find tat the colour is nice too.

* ZILING * said...

Haha she'll color ur head based on your appearance - clothing, height, skin tone so u don't get to say what color u want but believe me, it always turn out good.

Anonymous said...

oh .. i'm really interested. may i have the salon's name and what is the hair stylist's name? do i need to call for appointment? can i have their no? colour + highlight which only cost rm100++ is indeed cheap! hard to find ady ..

* ZILING * said...

Do you mind giving me your email or telling me who you are so that I can personally email you the hair stylist's details?

This is because she very hardly layan people from online. She prefers to have customers that are recommended by someone she knows. She feels safer that way due to security reasons.

Anonymous said...

Yes, u can email me at