Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Wine Class

Since I did not go all the way to Johor to attend my Annual Dinner this year, I stayed back claiming I had other things to do on a Saturday night (don want to sacrifice for the company). Actually it was such a waste because I represented the whole Marketing Department alone approached and managed to get 4 Big Prizes sponsored by the agencies/ suppliers. Really "Sit Tai Sai" I couldn't win any!

Annual Dinner Last year

Anyway, Greg forced me to attend a wine class together with a few others under the training of his Managing Director, whom is a legal Dive & Wine trainer. It was held in Cafe 8 in which he booked the whole upstairs, equipped with a projector and Mac Book, we had our class there which is @ RM 500 per person (of cos I managed to attend FOC)

Wine Class

I'm not a fan of wine. In fact I have never liked drinking wine throughout the 22 years of living on this earth! I find wine is bitter and they have this kind of "weird" taste that have the tendency to make you vomit. Therefore, I've always stick to hard liquor when it comes to taking in alcohol.

Anyway, the whole class took around 5 hours as we went though the origins of wine to different types of wine to the differences between Champagne and Sparkling Wine. Of cos there was wine and champagne tasting but obviously we couldn't take in too much as there was 6 of us only.

A decanter is used to breathe/ air the wine

Facts I learnt:

- When a wine has soury taste, we do not call it "sour". In fact, we use the word DRY. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon is a type of wine that is pretty dry.

-In most cases of champagne, we use the word 'BRUT'. So if you see BRUT on champagne bottles, it means it is dry and often with no sweetness. My first glass was a pink champagne (name forgotten) labeled BRUT with 12% alcohol and it went straight up to my head causing dizziness while leaving bittery and soury taste in my mouth.

- Champagnes and Sparkling wines are similar. The only differences is the price of cos! Sparkling wines can be produced everywhere but 'champagne' is a trademark where only areas given the trademark can name the sparkling wine it produces as 'Champagne'.

- There are many ranks of Champagnes from the expensive ones to the so-so ones. The major hint that differentiate them is their bubble/gas. By looking at the gas, which I will not elaborate determines what class the champagne belongs to. So, don't even try to con me on the level of the champagne if you intend to impress me!

- Table wines normally served in restaurants are cheaper wines. One of the reasons is that it is not fortified wine (normally below 12% alcohol level) while Dessert wines are often sweeter.

Different glasses for different wine

Now don't you see yourself smarter after reading my blog?


Now go show off to others! Hehe

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