Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Colorful!

I wasted my exclusive invite for FJ Benjamin's Branded Sale on Thursday @ Parkroyal! Once I have missed something, never will I be bothered to go there anymore because everything nice will no longer be there.

The company that holds brands like Guess, Gap, Banana Republic, La Senza and Raoul.

Until my sister told me that they replenished their stocks on Saturday. I reached Parkroyal hotel at 4pm and managed to grab these last minute:

La Senza Candy Swim Skirts

I didn't know it was for swimming because I grabbed it since they were so cheap! I think it can be used for swimming, going out, sleeping, showering... whatever it is lah! Retail price @ RM 69 per piece

La Senza Bras

It's so amazing I still managed to find lingerie MY SIZE on the 3rd day of the sale @ 4pm! Retail price per bra is @ RM 129.

Hijau ada, Putih ada, Ungu ada .... memang berwarna-warni!

Ok that was all I got from the sale because practically all the clothes and shoes were all sold out of my size. Luckily all SOLD OUT or else what am I gonna pay with for my food, petrol, insurance, toll for the month??

On the other hand, managed to meet up with Edwin and Stein along with 2 others last weekend for some drinks @ Halo Cafe, Pyramid. Pictures taken before I was allowed to wash my hair after my cut & dye job (lack of volume)

Edwin with his facial expression which I am so biasa with.

Stein loves MY Samsung phone, I know.

Great catch up but not-so-nice pictures of my head!



KY said...

aren't you worry someone's gonna use CSI technique to check out ur bra size now? lol

* ZILING * said...

KY: Isn't it good? My assets are not in an embarassing size n the person can buy bras for me as gifts next time too hehe

KY said...

ok i conceed :S

YaNg MaY said...

OH MAN!!! 3rd day and still got stock for la senza?? I went on the 1st day, at 11 am and a lot were gone dee and I didnt even see the bras that you bought...!! I'm waiting for the next year's sale to come...

YaNg MaY said...

btw, hoq ur sis know they replenish the stock on Sat eh??

* ZILING * said...

Yang May: Got "insider" news mah... she has a fren woring in FJ benjamin thats why we know...hehe