Thursday, December 4, 2008

Burglary at Office!

I was as usual late to work and when I exited from my car, I heard some knockings on the window thinking it was my colleagues knocking from the pantry at my department. Then, when I approached the main door, I saw 2 of my colleagues knocking it from inside and I was thinking to myself,

"Walao 2 fellas also didn't bring the tag down to open the door??"

Mana tahu when I opened the door, they said to me,

"Today no need to do work. Our office got broken into and all computers gone! Not April's Fool joke!"

I was like Errrr..... but still I went up to the department with my bags and all as usual, and MY GOD!

The guard said he didn't know a thing!

My Place

My cubicle was the messiest after the break-in and my CPU and Flat Screen are gone!

They broke a hole to get in because the Manager locked her room

Coincidently, all the Managers did not bring back their laptops that night! A lot of out documents and information are all GONE!

We called the police and they came shortly after. Then, my colleagues went to the police station to do a report because she came to the office earliest and noticed something amiss when she saw papers lying around and the department's door was left open (which is normally closed). Then, to her horror, all the computers were gone and everything was so messy!

The window we all suspected the burglars went in from

Everyone followed the police to find the bukti

The GM whom was scheduled to fly to Manila for the Regional Meeting came back to access the losses and to see for himself the burglary that took place ONLY in the MARKETING department (so weird).

After about 1 hour, the CSI a.k.a Forensic team came to look for fingerprints

The CSI guy told me that those black powder are imported from U.S and contains materials from the Volcano!

The news of our office got robbed was spread really fast until Thailand, Johore and Singapore offices were all aware of it. I am sure all regions will know about it soon when my GM attends the Regional Meeting!

The GM has also made arrangements to get us a BRAND NEW LAPTOP each but it might take a while so meantime, he has gotten us RENTED COMPUTERS so that we can start work immediately -.-" because once Marketing is down, almost everything is at a stand-still.

VERY SMART because in the future, we need to work 24/7 even at home and weekends!



Anonymous said... least now you get new laptops!

ziling,could you link my new blog cause i am no longer using the xanga one..

it shud be

* ZILING * said...

Haiyo where got nice? Later gotta work ANYTIME, ANYWHERE lagi teruk... okay already amended =)