Friday, December 19, 2008


Sometimes, URC is like a company that belongs to my father.... because I am late to work almost everyday! Yesterday was such a historical day because for the first time, I was so determined to go to work early and all was well until the Smart Tag toll!

"Kad Tamat Tempoh"

@$^$#%$%$###^&&#$!!!! The 'Touch N Go card' which I got from my dad (in which he got it when it was first introduced) reaches its life span of 10 years and decided to expire yesterday. I had to proceed into the TUNAI toll in wich I have never set foot there for a gazillion years cos the queues are always FREAKING LONG! Anyway, I was late to work and started making a lot of noise at the pantry that morning complaining.

I was so afraid of going home after work because not only the jam will kill me, the queue at the Tunai toll will make my death a slow & painful one. The whole day, I was so bothered and so afraid of going home because of the problemetic Smart Tag until......

Greg surprised me by showing up in my office at 5pm to pass me his Smart Tag so that I could use it on the way home.

His Smart Tag device + Touch N Go

Hehe so sweet. He instantly got my heart melted right at the entrance. My colleagues all scolded me by not practising what I preached as I was proudly bragging during lunch that if a guy has no money, then don't need to talk to me because love does not pay bills. Hehe. It all happened during lunch when we were at Tai Thong with our agencies summarising what kind of partner we all look for. As what the whole department knows, the young Business Director that services my company has been very flirtatious & playful with me and the whole department forced me to sit with him in his BMW and also during lunch!

He used to own 3 BMWs during 'the good times'!

Haiyo even my Boss digged his background inside out and kept telling me he's a good man from his family background and the way he was brought up..... walao like ada kena mengena with me? But good also because at least I get special attention and privileges and that benefits my brand and myself.

Anyway, like what my Boss always says, the young men all died in Ziling's hands. Hehe I got special techniques to make people (especially young men) work and get things done for me without attacking me, which always happenes to the others. At least now I know that I'm still considered an 'asset' and currently not in the 'Retrenchment List' I hope.

By the way, I'm on leave today to re-new my passport which took almost THE WHOLE DAY!

I'm poorer by RM 300 because of this 'book'!

5 years down the road, I'm gonna experience this again because my passport would have expired by then :( Oh God!

PS: Greg caught me by surprise last night again by giving me a nicely wrapped lip gloss as I lost my Dior lip gloss some time ago. Though it was not Dior, he got my heart melted again. Ahhhhh......

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