Monday, December 8, 2008

Bangkok Jazz @ Chulan Square

After movie & dinner at Cineleisure along with Ian and Jasmine, it'd be such a waste if we end our Saturday night just like that hence Greg and I proceeded to Bangkok Jazz @ Chulan Square KL with Faurani.

We ordered a jug of Sangria and Long Island @ RM 75 each jug to chill the whole night. Long Island was good but Sangria was not really recommended. When you mix these two together, we managed to get ourselves high that night.

I never liked Jazz but the live band at Bangkok Jazz wasn't really hardcore pure Jazz so it was pretty good for me :)

Pictures Of Us Doing Nothing:

I spent the night listening to Faurani lecturing till Bangkok Jazz closes. Overall, it was a fun night as I never liked going to clubs as those places are way too noisy and smokey for me.

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KY said...

can see greg's face getting more and more red as the night goes by. LOL