Friday, December 12, 2008

My First Experience as 'Zhi Mui'

I'm 22 and at this age, it's really rare to find friends or people that I know whom have plans to get married soon. People that I know from work are either already married or not in the near future to get married.... except for one.......


I can't believe I lost my virginity as a Zhi Mui to my own Boss!!

There are so many things that I could describe about her (if you're reading this, don't get angry ok cos this is the truth). When I came into the interview, I was shocked by her name because she shares the same name as my mom's! (pronunciation only). As if my mom is not fierce and strict enough... I need to face another fiercer one at work. If corporate world is tough for a fresh grad, my boss made my journey a lot tougher. From being a person whom made me cry every single day after work in which I told myself I need to resign over and over again, I have experienced her changing a lot to whom she is now. I know because currently, I am her longest serving surbordinat. She used to be the type who changes your memo, emails, marketing plans for more than 8 times before it gets approved by her and also shouts on top of her lungs and demand you to be in her room no matter what you were doing at that moment. If you have done something wrong, you'll be scolded like hell and expects you to settle your own problems. Can you imagine the stress and sadness I undergo each day?

Nah, I've experienced all that and is kind of immune to it. Somehow, I've already adjusted to her working behaviour but also am relieved that she has changed so much over the past few months. She is now someone whom you can talk to and things are negotiable now. As her surbordinate, I have agreed to become her 'zhi mui' (sister) on her wedding day which took place in Seremban.

Reached Her Seremban Hometown @ 10am

Omg look at my bitchy expression!

At about 2pm, we moved back to their own house in Shah Alam

The 'Snacks' Team.... that was then. We all have been re-shuffled as it was Management's decision.

My boss calls me 'Little Tiger' because both of us are under the Tiger Chinese Zodiac.

We managed to get RM 200++ Zhi Mui Ang Pow each for 6 person after deducting some expenses.... Hoho!

The next night, it was the Wedding Dinner @ Jaya Palace

The 5 of us below were to collect Ang Pows, tick for their attendances and and to be usherers

Pictures During The Dinner

Because all ladies in URC physically are ladies but internally are men (we carry stocks at work), guess who helped to 'Yum Seng' with every single table with the couple that night?

Yeah, us ladies! Read that right - Every Single Table.

At the end of the dinner, the ladies were to fight for the bouquet of flowers when my Boss toss it on the air. Whoever to get the flowers is believed will get married very fast too. The flowers almost came to me but I ran away! In fact everyone ran away except for Shirley because...

Choi! We all don't want to get married so fast!!!


Lydia said...

hello ziling! i really like your turquoise dress :) i noticed there are other girls in turquoise dresses as well, is that the theme for the 'zhi muis'?

and it goes without saying that, please dont forget me when you are getting married okay :)

* ZILING * said...

Hey Suet Mei! Yeah turqoise was sort of the theme for zhi muis but not everyone wore it and thanks for the compliment! It's from Dubai btw... hehe

If you're waiting for me to get married, you gotta wait really really long.... hehe

YilingL said...

Suet mei,
Let me continue from Ziling's reply.

"If you're waiting for me to get married, you gotta wait really really long...."

... because noone wants to marry her!!!!! :pppppp