Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Compiling Year 2008

Since year 2008 is gonna end in 2 days and I'm quite free at the moment, I shall compile my happenings for the whole year in this post, which is also apparently my first time doing so.

Super long post ahead hehe

1) I ended the year 2007 by having a sleepover at Boon's place together with a few others and started out 2008 together by having Bak Kut Teh at Klang

Ok I donno what sign is that but anyway Edwin was supposed to join us but he was in overseas so too bad.

2) Suddenly, I found myself at home on a Saturday evening so decided to join my sisters at The Curve for dinner with Greg, which was then a friend I hardly know.

Dinner at Warong Penyet @ The Curve and then shopping at Padini right after. I browsed back my old blog and it was quoted:

"After dinner, we shopped around. Amazingly, Greg is quite handy at times when you go shopping because he gives a lot of comments and ideas on which to choose. Some guys just follow you around and keep quiet. So boring!"

Ok... funny thing is, now I find it irritating and I wish I could slap his mouth!

3) 2008 also marks the year I visited and fell in love with Jolvin's new mansion which includes 3 Jacuzzis, 1 Sauna, 1 big Koi pond from his garden that links to his living room, a Cinema room and of cos, his BMW 7 Series (in which he offered me a lift by asking his dad to pick me up)

His "Cinema"

I asked him a dozen of times why of all girls, he doesn't want me. Hehe. Ok don't puke. But if he suddenly tells me he likes me, I'll be the one puking instead.

4) The most fun Birthday surprise I planned for Singaporean's Bday is to pakat with colleagues to buy him a shirt and a boxer and to put inside a Fedex courier box and left it at the guard house for him to pick it up. I even created a fake person with some supplier's address & phone.

He thought the non-existent "Felicia Hiao" is his secret admirer.

How stupid! He even called the number and we had to get an ex-colleague to call him to pretend it was her! The whole office spent the whole day pranking him but it was indeed the most brilliant Bday surprise for the year!

5) When I first joined this company, I was an assistant to the Biscuits Division which holds Cream-O (Oreo look-alike) and Magic. After a good 4 months in that division, I had a change of Portfolio from Biscuits to Snacks. Being in the transition period and doing a much bigger portfolio was indeed not easy at all.

With the close monitoring on the launching of new products, it made my journey even more difficult.

Everything was so critical when you hold one of the company's backbone brands and my brand being a regional brand name, there are a lot of limitations to it. Everynight, I would come home crying because of the rocky roads I had along the way.

6) In January, I hung out with Greg a couple of times and it was truly and solely hanging out like friends. This time, I bugged him to bring me to Yut Kee @ Jalan Dang Wangi because I wanted to eat their Hainanese Pork Chop and appararently he knew the way. So must make use of him! Haha. The 1st time I travelled to Yut Kee was with Vincent which I took LRT to KL alone :(

I was disappointed beause the food was served quite cold. Memalukan orang dan makanan Hainanese! I'm a 100% Hainanese somemore okay! That was also the last time I went there.

7) My first Valentine gift for all the ladies in my department is an edible high quality Rose chocolate from Eiling's company.

The ladis were all happy but the men were all sad cos they got nothing.

I never liked Valentine's Day because you get to see everyone receiving flowers while you'll be the one left out always. As in for 22 years already. Sigh.

8) URC's regional meeting is held every quarterly but is seldom in Malaysia but this year, we got lucky because Malaysia got to host it @ Parkroyal KL. It was a very tiring meeting as we had to set up the whole meeting room with all the products beautifully displayed and had to be PR personnels for Directors, GMs from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Manila, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Most importantly, we got to meet the CEO, President and Chairman of JG Summit (URC is a subsidiary company) and those are one of the most richest men in the Philipines. Even the Parkroyal Director or something came down to shake hands and greet the CEO.

We were lucky to be able to take pictures with the Gokongwei family (JG Summit is a family business) which is equivilant to YTL or Berjaya here.

I got to have dinner together with the Gokongwei on the same table because practically everyone was scared to sit with them. The GM of URC Philipines invited me to sit with him along with the Gokongwei family and it was indeed an honor for me. We even went to Aloha after that for some drinks and I decided to fall down in front of the youngest Gokongwei and bruised my knee. Oh Gawd!

9) Went to Malacca the most number of times in a year - 5 times! 2 was for work while the other 3 was personal. The funniest thing was that apparently out of the 5 times, 3 of them was when I fought with Greg and decided to leave him by running away to Malacca for a short get away.

I love Chicken Rice Balls, Satay Celup and Jonker Walk!

I think I go to Malacca a lot more than the times I go back to my hometown in Ipoh. Opps.

10) Did my first ever commercial which features local band One Buck Short for Roller Coaster. The shoot lasted for 16 hours from 8am till 12am. Though it was tiring, it was a very good experience for me to have done one commercial which I'm sure certain people will never get to experience this.

One Buck Short eating Roller Coaster

11) Became one of the partners for One Buck Short's album release attended by press and media @ Laundry, The Curve in which Roller Coaster got featured in a few magazines and newspapers.

Again, one of a lifetime experience having an event like this

12) Appeared in The Star to tumpang glamour after sister got a First Class & a Veledictorian which The Star highlighted that her achievements are influenced by her SISTERS.

Hoho I got 2nd upper also get to appear here. Not Bad.

13) Singaporean resigned from URC so we decided to give him a surprise farewell again. This time, it was secretly held in Port Dickson and we managed to get him to PD all by himself without him having a clue we rented a boungalow to throw a farewell for him!

Every single one of us turned up for his farewell (including spouses). That shows how much we love our Singaporean.

Also my first time on the Banana Boat during the trip.

Singaporean's resignation has impacted my life in a lot of ways. He was like a brother to me so I actually cried many times when he left. I still do keep in touch with him and apparently I know I'm one of those very few ones he still replies to whenever I contacted him. It's been half a year now but still missing him..... sigh.

14) Shortly after Singaporean left, Jane gave her resignation letter and left 3 months later. Just like Singaporean, Jane has been very supportive of me and was like a sister to me most the time. If she's not my sister, she's actually my direct superior for almost 8 months while trying her very best to train and guide me to manage the brand independently. I'd say who I am now I need to really thank her. My Boss once mentioned that the way I work is just like hers, very disciplined and efficient in our work.

For her farewell, I customized a trophy and a certificate for her as 'URC's Most Happening Mama'. She indeed does not look like a mother at her age and figure. Nevertheless, we spent her farewell by crying and tearing as she is a Big Sister for a lot of us. Suddenly, I just felt like I was all alone and empty after she and Singaporean left.... till now, it still feels that way.

15) My first 'Zhi Mui' experience was during my boss's wedding in October. It was such a sweaty and busy day in Seremban followed by the dinner the next day in Jaya Palace.

The Zhi Mui angpow we got was not too bad. Hehe.

16) Spent my first Birthday away from home to Penang for a 3 nights get away and actually gone to Kek Lok Si Temple during my Birthday itself -.-"

Posing with myself, The Tigress

The hotel I stayed at in Penang had a Jacuzzi in the room so I really enjoyed myself bathing most of the time. Haha.

17) Desktop was stolen when the company got broke into and changed 4 computers in a year. Now, I'm permanently using a new Dell Vostro laptop which I need to carry every single working day.

Check out my wallpaper - Alsolut Masquerade.

18) Celebrated my first ever Christmas in Imperial Hotel. Suddenly became 'orang atasan' and the best part was free flow of sashimi and cold prawns! I love prawns!

I love the way they serve their Sushi. So artistic and nice.

19) Celebrated Xmas Eve just like old times with closed frens at the comfort of Calvin's BIG house. This year was also very special as Tung Jern came home after 2 years from US for just a few weeks. I deeply missed that guy! Also my very good brother!

The most important person TJ is not in this picture. Haha Tai Sei!

Oklah post one picture of him:

Doing stupid and embarassing things at all times - Begging in front of a wine shop @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. U can always see the very immature and childish side of me whenever I'm with him.

20) Leaving the Best for last, the highlight of year 2008 is that I was attached to Greg. I know there's nothing to shout about. Though I called our relationship off TWICE due to our heated fights, we reconciled shortly after because we both know we still love each other. It has not been a smooth ride for both of us as there were many heartbreaks and heartaches along the way. Things are currently very rocky between us I don't even know if I should call it off as I'm tired of his 'Greg-is-always-right' attitude. It has always been about him and only him.

I'm going to smile like nothings wrong, talk like everythings perfect, act like its just a dream and pretend that he's not hurting me.

Sometimes I wish he can put others into his heart and not only himself.

Cheers to Year 2009 and Screw the recession!

Friday, December 26, 2008

4 Computers in 1 Year

When I first joined this company, I used to use this dinasour because of my rank and a newbie

When Jane left in September, I took over her flat screen PC

Too bad it didn't last very long because it got stolen almost 4 months later. Then, the company got us some rented laptops before getting us new ones.

Super old and heavy HP laptops

Few days ago, we got our new Dell Vostro laptops, which is our permanent ones....

Not exactly the best but better than nothing...

Now I gotta carry the laptop from and to work everyday.


Friday, December 19, 2008


Sometimes, URC is like a company that belongs to my father.... because I am late to work almost everyday! Yesterday was such a historical day because for the first time, I was so determined to go to work early and all was well until the Smart Tag toll!

"Kad Tamat Tempoh"

@$^$#%$%$###^&&#$!!!! The 'Touch N Go card' which I got from my dad (in which he got it when it was first introduced) reaches its life span of 10 years and decided to expire yesterday. I had to proceed into the TUNAI toll in wich I have never set foot there for a gazillion years cos the queues are always FREAKING LONG! Anyway, I was late to work and started making a lot of noise at the pantry that morning complaining.

I was so afraid of going home after work because not only the jam will kill me, the queue at the Tunai toll will make my death a slow & painful one. The whole day, I was so bothered and so afraid of going home because of the problemetic Smart Tag until......

Greg surprised me by showing up in my office at 5pm to pass me his Smart Tag so that I could use it on the way home.

His Smart Tag device + Touch N Go

Hehe so sweet. He instantly got my heart melted right at the entrance. My colleagues all scolded me by not practising what I preached as I was proudly bragging during lunch that if a guy has no money, then don't need to talk to me because love does not pay bills. Hehe. It all happened during lunch when we were at Tai Thong with our agencies summarising what kind of partner we all look for. As what the whole department knows, the young Business Director that services my company has been very flirtatious & playful with me and the whole department forced me to sit with him in his BMW and also during lunch!

He used to own 3 BMWs during 'the good times'!

Haiyo even my Boss digged his background inside out and kept telling me he's a good man from his family background and the way he was brought up..... walao like ada kena mengena with me? But good also because at least I get special attention and privileges and that benefits my brand and myself.

Anyway, like what my Boss always says, the young men all died in Ziling's hands. Hehe I got special techniques to make people (especially young men) work and get things done for me without attacking me, which always happenes to the others. At least now I know that I'm still considered an 'asset' and currently not in the 'Retrenchment List' I hope.

By the way, I'm on leave today to re-new my passport which took almost THE WHOLE DAY!

I'm poorer by RM 300 because of this 'book'!

5 years down the road, I'm gonna experience this again because my passport would have expired by then :( Oh God!

PS: Greg caught me by surprise last night again by giving me a nicely wrapped lip gloss as I lost my Dior lip gloss some time ago. Though it was not Dior, he got my heart melted again. Ahhhhh......

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Know Times Are Bad When.....

...... You gotta work on a freaking Sunday (2 sessions somemore- morning & afternoon)!

Sometimes I also don't understand.... Sunway University College approached us to sponsor and participate in their open day. Already said 'sponsored' right? Not only I sponsored products, I need to hire promoters and pay them for 2 days and I gotta bear responsibility for the props.

If you were in Sunway Uni last weekend, you would have noticed this booths.

And in return what did Sunway University offered us?

A pathetic non-traffic location in their cafeteria when the crowd were all at the entrance! Goodness!! If this is my project, I would have 'scrubbed' their people in charge for giving me pathetic location +FOC beverages everywhere! Dahlah only tell us Nescafe and C2 will be the only sole beverages, they actually put orange juices everywhere for their visitors!! Not only WASTING my MONEY, my TIME and my PRODUCTS, I also felt like killing the people from my company + from Sunway for even agreeing to this term!


Because it's not their money so why do they care?

If you have ever been to Manila/ Vietnam, C2 (flavored green tea) is so popular that they are even more sellable than Coke at certain places!

Everything beside the own brand's stocks and props are all BORNE by my brand! That means I freaking almost PAID for the whole thing okay! I hate it when people take money from my budget and not fully utilising it!!

Even my own boss also don dare to touch my money because I will question and prohibit until she vomits blood! Everytime she wants my money, I will 'jeling' (glare at) her. Hehe.

Somemore we gave away big pack samples.... try estimating our costs for this sampling activity.

It was a busy day for me on Sunday as I need to helped out and be a part time unpaid promoter for the first 2 hours.

And the worst part is.....

I only managed to get myself a cup of hot coffee for breakfast after working for 2 hours @ 12.30pm. Sometimes I also wonder where did I get all the energy to carry the stocks and cases whole morning.

Recession mah so cannot simply complain or demand for pay rise! Don't fire me or cut my salary also good enough. Haih.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My First Experience as 'Zhi Mui'

I'm 22 and at this age, it's really rare to find friends or people that I know whom have plans to get married soon. People that I know from work are either already married or not in the near future to get married.... except for one.......


I can't believe I lost my virginity as a Zhi Mui to my own Boss!!

There are so many things that I could describe about her (if you're reading this, don't get angry ok cos this is the truth). When I came into the interview, I was shocked by her name because she shares the same name as my mom's! (pronunciation only). As if my mom is not fierce and strict enough... I need to face another fiercer one at work. If corporate world is tough for a fresh grad, my boss made my journey a lot tougher. From being a person whom made me cry every single day after work in which I told myself I need to resign over and over again, I have experienced her changing a lot to whom she is now. I know because currently, I am her longest serving surbordinat. She used to be the type who changes your memo, emails, marketing plans for more than 8 times before it gets approved by her and also shouts on top of her lungs and demand you to be in her room no matter what you were doing at that moment. If you have done something wrong, you'll be scolded like hell and expects you to settle your own problems. Can you imagine the stress and sadness I undergo each day?

Nah, I've experienced all that and is kind of immune to it. Somehow, I've already adjusted to her working behaviour but also am relieved that she has changed so much over the past few months. She is now someone whom you can talk to and things are negotiable now. As her surbordinate, I have agreed to become her 'zhi mui' (sister) on her wedding day which took place in Seremban.

Reached Her Seremban Hometown @ 10am

Omg look at my bitchy expression!

At about 2pm, we moved back to their own house in Shah Alam

The 'Snacks' Team.... that was then. We all have been re-shuffled as it was Management's decision.

My boss calls me 'Little Tiger' because both of us are under the Tiger Chinese Zodiac.

We managed to get RM 200++ Zhi Mui Ang Pow each for 6 person after deducting some expenses.... Hoho!

The next night, it was the Wedding Dinner @ Jaya Palace

The 5 of us below were to collect Ang Pows, tick for their attendances and and to be usherers

Pictures During The Dinner

Because all ladies in URC physically are ladies but internally are men (we carry stocks at work), guess who helped to 'Yum Seng' with every single table with the couple that night?

Yeah, us ladies! Read that right - Every Single Table.

At the end of the dinner, the ladies were to fight for the bouquet of flowers when my Boss toss it on the air. Whoever to get the flowers is believed will get married very fast too. The flowers almost came to me but I ran away! In fact everyone ran away except for Shirley because...

Choi! We all don't want to get married so fast!!!