Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Know Times Are Bad When.....

...... You gotta work on a freaking Sunday (2 sessions somemore- morning & afternoon)!

Sometimes I also don't understand.... Sunway University College approached us to sponsor and participate in their open day. Already said 'sponsored' right? Not only I sponsored products, I need to hire promoters and pay them for 2 days and I gotta bear responsibility for the props.

If you were in Sunway Uni last weekend, you would have noticed this booths.

And in return what did Sunway University offered us?

A pathetic non-traffic location in their cafeteria when the crowd were all at the entrance! Goodness!! If this is my project, I would have 'scrubbed' their people in charge for giving me pathetic location +FOC beverages everywhere! Dahlah only tell us Nescafe and C2 will be the only sole beverages, they actually put orange juices everywhere for their visitors!! Not only WASTING my MONEY, my TIME and my PRODUCTS, I also felt like killing the people from my company + from Sunway for even agreeing to this term!


Because it's not their money so why do they care?

If you have ever been to Manila/ Vietnam, C2 (flavored green tea) is so popular that they are even more sellable than Coke at certain places!

Everything beside the own brand's stocks and props are all BORNE by my brand! That means I freaking almost PAID for the whole thing okay! I hate it when people take money from my budget and not fully utilising it!!

Even my own boss also don dare to touch my money because I will question and prohibit until she vomits blood! Everytime she wants my money, I will 'jeling' (glare at) her. Hehe.

Somemore we gave away big pack samples.... try estimating our costs for this sampling activity.

It was a busy day for me on Sunday as I need to helped out and be a part time unpaid promoter for the first 2 hours.

And the worst part is.....

I only managed to get myself a cup of hot coffee for breakfast after working for 2 hours @ 12.30pm. Sometimes I also wonder where did I get all the energy to carry the stocks and cases whole morning.

Recession mah so cannot simply complain or demand for pay rise! Don't fire me or cut my salary also good enough. Haih.

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