Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shopping --> My New Enemy

I'm Really Super Duper Broke!

For the whole month of October, I spent so much money on shopping as practically everywhere is on SALE again after the month of August (Mega Sale)! Tipu one!! Why SALE so many times then how can I ever save money??

For the month of October, I bought the followings:

I love accessories! I bought these 2 rings from Jonker Street, Malacca!

Black beaded thongs from Jonker Street again

Pink sandals from Padini, Malacca

White cufflinks shirt from Padini

Grey working skirt from Padini

Green striped shirt from Padini

Am I in love with PADINI or something??

Brown beaded top from Padini Authentics

Errr until now I have not worn it

Brownish Beige top from SEED (Sorry I didn't iron it)

White top from SEED

Green similar looking top from SEED

Missing: A Blue color V shaped top from Padini Authentics (I do not know where I put that top already)

Now, conclusion is I am a huge supporter of The Padini Group though I'm not even their member -.-"..... However, I think Padini should give me a VIP card because I always buy their shoes/clothes almost every single month! Btw, Padini's HQ is a few steps away from my office -.-"" (should go work there and get staff discount)

The Highlight

White dress I bought ONLINE (Errr looks pretty ugly here because I haven't ironed it)

The back is really pretty because it's crossed

Now, I know that my pictures are ugly due to the unironed dress but fear not! Since I bought it online, of cos got picture of that model wearing it for you to see lah...

The front

The back (sorry no white colored dress's picture)

I bought it for RM 65 (including postage) while the original one from PADINI was sold at RM 110! I know because my sister has the original PADINI black one! Her bf must be cursing me because he bought it for her.... Buahahaha!

Greg and I love shopping too much, no wonder cannot save money at all! From November onwards, I shall stop shopping and save my money....




-eiling- said...

at least mine is original... haha

* ZILING * said...

OK whatever!!!