Monday, October 27, 2008

Dorsett Hotel @ Pasir Gudang, Johore

After the Branding Seminar at 6pm, Alton (Group Product Manaher), Chanttal (Candy), Lam (Biscuits) and I (Snacks) travelled to Johore for a meeting at the HQ, which is situated at Pasir Gudang. Lam and I are under the same boss and apparently, our Boss was not free to attend the meeting hence sent a representative from each division to represent her during that meeting.

I was the chosen one from Snacks Team (Donno good or bad also?) but was a little nervous because the meeting is meant for all Heads of Departments while I was the only junior there. Well, I was the lowest rank of all, even worse!

Anyway, this time, the company arranged four of us in a different hotel instead of in JB. We were to stay at Dorsett Hotel @ Plentong, which is 15 mins away from the HQ. Armed with a GPS, we managed to locate the place at 10pm.

Dorsett Hotel

The reception and cashier counter is decorated in shiny black.

Alton and Lam checking in

Chanttal manning the MPV while I was busy taking pictures

The hotel is a small one, hence the small lobby

The ladies stayed at the Business Suite while Alton had the Superior Twin.

The sofa bed at the living area

Very professional-like business table and chair with LCD TV

The bedroom partition consists of a Queen sized bed and a working table, together with a bedroom LCD TV

If you stay at the Business Suite, there will be 2 bathrooms. One at the living room while the other one at the bedroom.

Though there is no bathtub, they provide rainshowers! OMG I love rainshowers!!!!

We did not want to waste the room just like that since we checked in at around 10.30pm and had to leave the next day at 8am, the three of us watched TV till almost 1am before dozing off.

Lam at the living area enjoying the LCD TV. Errr actually that was my bed that night....

"Someone" ironed her clothes and made 2 holes at the ironing board by accidentally burning it with the iron

This hotel is pretty new because they only opened their doors for business 3 months ago! Their service is REALLY GOOD because they were so efficient and they SERVICE WITH A SMILE!

Complimentery Buffet Breakfast @ The Checkers (Coffee House)

I am expecting myself and the rest of the Marketing team to be staying at this hotel for the future meetings. Honestly, I am actually praying for the company to send us to his hotel in the future! Hehe

For more information, click on their website Dorsett Hotel

PS: Btw, the meeting was not bad. My latest discovery is that not all Head of Departments are "GHOSTS"!


vince said...

haih..go pasir gudang didnt find me again.. =(

* ZILING * said...

Vince: Haiyo love u lah! Don't need to always see Maaaa one