Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PC Changed!

Before this, I used to use this very old Dinasour PC in office. It is very sad because everyone else is either using super slim new PC or laptop.

It is so fat that it made my table so small and sempit!

Everytime I put some paper or some stuff on my table, it makes my table look really messy as if I'm a messy person!

Hello! I am so not messy ok?

Bout a month ago, I took over Jane's PC since she has left. Yeah, lots of transferring documents but I'm so happy anyway!

I maintained my BIG HEART SHAPE wallpaper but this is a new design

Even the GM knows I have a BIG HEART as my wallpaper! Anyway, my point is, now my table looks so spacious!

So spacious and neat!

Oh btw, I have a very important task at my department too! Not only I am an unpaid telephone operator cum receptionist, I am also the department's DJ after Jane left! Notice the speakers?

So, anyone got any new songs to share with me? If not I will be scolded for playing the same songs every week!



KY said...

play Negaraku & Merdeka songs, see how they react. :D

sean said...

omg. thats really a big heart. fit-fit somemore. fwah.

* ZILING * said...

KY: wei u got ah? send to me lah... share share lah

Sean: Aha of cos! So nice somemore right macam tadika drawing... ehehe =)

KY said...

Er.. tak ada, unless you want me to record. :/

* ZILING * said...

KY: If you can record it, I will play it!