Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Life

I am back in office after attending the 'Branding Workshop Day 1' at Sheraton Subang while tomorrow will be the final day, which is Day 2.

It was a 8.30am till 5.30am workshop for 2 days

Right after the workshop where the whole Subang is jammed up, I still have to go back to office to finish up my work and to settle unfinished things since I am in the FMCG industry, where everything is all about SPEED!

Okay actually now I am in the office and the time is 7.16pm. So sad and damn no life.

Watching movies in Wednesday is so cheap yet I still can't go.

I used to spend a lot of time with my friends until I realised I began neglecting someone. But when I stopped going out and reserved all my time for that particular person, he is busy with so many other priorities and other people that I can't help but to position myself as the last person in his heart. I couldn't even get to watch a movie that I've always wanted to watch with him though I asked for it for 3 consecutive times.

Therefore, this is an open invitation. Anyone wants to watch 'The House Bunny' with me?

Whoever it is, you will have to wait for me as I need to drive down south to Johore tomorrow right after the workshop at night to attend a meeting. Will be back on Friday after the meeting.

PS: Got bombarded with many many issues for this month until I've started to get a little tired of many many things ranging from career, relationships, health and money (basically almost everything!)

God, please save me!


Anonymous said...

There is up and down in life. Guess you need another Westin get away ;)


* ZILING * said...

Wah! Where to find money?!

Anonymous said...

Believe you need not worry about the $, I am sure ur bf can handle ;)