Monday, May 4, 2009

Jalan-Jalan @ Chao Phraya River

Our main motive was to get to the Chao Phraya Riverside for sightseeing and to do what tourists normally do - visit the ever popular tourist destinations. Too bad Jasmine and I were not allowed in because she wore 3/4 pants while I wore non-sleeveless top. We were then directed to the Chao Phraya river itself and persuaded to take a boat tour.

My sisters went to the Pratunam area for shopping instead

This is the Grand Palace but we couldn't enter

Instead we went into a 'kampung' area where we were then lead into a so-called jetty which we were conned of 600 Baht each for a 1 hour boat ride tour where they will take us along the river to sight see and to get off at Wat Arun for 20 mins. We learnt that we could get a cheaper boat ride like 5 mins away for just less than 400 Baht per person!

Here we got conned for another 40 Baht each person for taking pictures here not knowing at 'their feet', it is written 40 Baht for taking pictures!

It went like this : We were happily snapping pictures with each other. After we were done, two Thais came out of no where n demanded 40 Baht from each of us as it was written at the legs there! Walao so small and secluded who could see that lah!! Sigh

We were charged another 20 Baht for 'Landing Fee' at the Wat Arun. Haiyo!!

It was scorching hot in Bangkok so we gotten ourselves a coconut to cool us down. But it did no good so we purchased another bottle of cold tea.

The floating market is at the same place in the morning. We were there in the afternoon. Though we couldn't see any floating market, we saw 1 trader on the boat.

My advise is, if you just want to go for sight seeing and do not care much for the fees that you'll be paying, this place will be fine for you. But we were all not too happy having to pay so much extra and paying 40 Baht each for that stupid picture!

I am an angry tourist and I am gonna blacklist this place!


KY said...

did you see the kids jumping into the river to collect fish/frogs or whatever pilgrims "set free"?

YilingL said...

all these while we were shopping happily muahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Your bf is a fierce person and has short temper.

* ZILING * said...

KY: No wor I didnt see anything except for ppl who conned my money!

Yiling: Shut up u!

Anonymous: Err I didn't mention him how would you know? It's supposed to be me isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Nope, is him. Not easy for you to put up with him but love is blind, you take whatever he gives you.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous(above): Why are you so weird? Being dumped by your bf is it? Appear here to complain other ppl's bf.
ZiLing : Just go ahead what you think you're right. Support u.