Friday, January 23, 2009


There's always a saying - Becareful what you wish for, you might just get it

After so many nights of heartbreaks, tears, dilemmas and arguments, the thing that I've been wishing for has finally came.

The official memo was out finally

Boss broke the news to me personally in her room for me 3 days ago but I'd prefer for the official memo to be out before opening my mouth. Actually it was my boss informing the whole world -.-"

But wait. There's always a catch when good things come your way.

It did come with two big blows. Three days passed, I still can't sleep well at night worrying about this issue. I won't talk about it because its P&C and it was a personal request from the management for me. Sigh.

No wonder my animal sign indicated 'increased stress especially after a promotion' after attending a talk by Joey Yap. I've been going home every single working day after 8pm for almost 3 weeks already. One night, I decided to leave early at 6pm because I was too frustrated with working I felt as if I couldn't "breathe" anymore.

My colleagues were shocked,

"Wah! I've never seen you going home so early for so loooong already!"

Buahahaha I'm so hardworking leh! Anyway Happy Chinese New Year yo!


Vincent Teh said...

awesome news!! keep it up :D
happy chinese new year!!

-eiling- said...

congratulations. belanja makan rakuzen! I want big birthday present.

Amanda Hay said...

congrats girl!~

Anonymous said...

wow! finally become senior already!

now your chance to bully all those newbies! hahaha..

anyway,congrats and have a great CNY!

Besides,I think you already got a big early angpow from your company!


KY said...

Congratulations! Don't forget me when you belanja eiling at rakuzen!

* ZILING * said...

Vincent: Thanks! So when are u bringing me to get ang pow from ur parents?

Eiling: Nevarrrrrr!

Amanda: Thanks! Hugs!

Kevin: I have no juior to bully. I myself also a junior lah

KY: Nevarrrrrr!

cuxinn said...

wahh, never disappoint me :p good job good job. haha.

when are u coming over for a visit ? :)

YilingL said...

Pls belanja me makan. Tq!!!

* ZILING * said...

U-Xinn: Since when did I ever disappoint you?! Walao go to US u know air fare itself how much ah!!!

Yiling: Nevarrrrrr!

YaNg MaY said...

Congratulations ziling!

Huai Bin said...

Ya, definitely more hardcore than me. I try to leave before 8 pm.

Happy CNY Ziling

* ZILING * said...

HB: It's not hardcore. It's trying to finish up your work as much as possible