Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tiring Week

Gonna depart to Johore at 3pm today and to come back on Saturday for a meeting in Johore

I don't enjoy going to Johore for meetings because they will last for hours and hours and hours and we never get to go out for lunch =( Always trapped inside the factory and have to eat take away pizzas from Pizza Hut everytime.

So Sad.

Somemore now half Thursday, full friday and half Saturday gone.


On the other hand, guess who went clubbing in Zouk last week? (considering I don't club)

Yeah man. Ziling went clubbing at new Zouk !


KY said...

i notice there's no kwan kong. :P

Anonymous said...

where is yr BF Gr..?Still havnt patch up ah? CNY coming, gotta forgive but not forget, girl! what is wrong with JB? I think Dorsett Hotel is quite nice and you can go shopping and but not clubbing as Clubbing joints in JB really sucks!Can be your guide for good food but not clubbing joints. Reply if interested.. Ray111

* ZILING * said...

KY: Yeah there's no kwan kong in my life currentlyv =)

Ray: Thanks for the offer but I'm in Johore strictly for business. We gotta work in laptops during the journey in the car. Now at almost midnight, I am also working in the hotel room. Sigh.

KY said...