Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Friends, New Zouk

Ok the title doesn't really make any sense but it does link to one another!

Over the last weekend, since I wasn't in talking terms with GC, a childhood friend of mine gave me a call in the morning (actually it was 11am+) to inform me that he's in Malaysia with his friends and he'd want my sisters and I to come out that night. This 'friend' of mine is actually the son of my mother's old classmate in which they are still keeping in touch. I think it has been more than 20 years since she migrated to Australia so basically her children are all ABCs (Australian Born Chinese).

ME, Clinton, Yiling, Eiling

We were friends for almost 22 years. Why 22 years? Cos he was only born 10 days after me and we used to play with each other when we were young. Funnily, his eyes looked a little bigger when he was a child though very 'sepet' also.

That very night, I drove to Jalan Alor to meet him up as he was staying there. My mom tagged along because she thought that his mom was tagging along as well.

Terence, Kieth, ME, Gareth, Clinton, Eiling, Yiling

Thank God he brought along 3 gorgeous guys or I'd end up puking looking at his face the whole night! Don't say I'm mean because Clinton said I've not changed over the past many many years - still the same old loud, sacarstic tomboy! Really hateful!

Kieth (now residing n working in KL for past 2 years), Gareth (Clinton's cousin), ME

We had our dinner at Jalan Alor and were practically stuffed since they kept ordering and ordering!

Coincidently, it was also Terence's birthday so we celebrated his birthday too. They asked me to guess his age and I said 25! Mana tahu he's 28!

And those 3 guys are all actually around 27-28 years old!!! (except for Clinton as he's my age. I'm 23 (in 2009), still YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL!) But my point is, they don't even look SO OLD!

We cut and had our cake at their hotel's cafe.

Few days ago, Terence & Gareth told me that they just discovered their hotel has a brothel. Duh! It's Jalan Alor! And they even told me the prices of the ladies (different countries, different price). Most expensive is China ladies and cheapest is Malaysians! Wth! I even asked if which one did they choose? Hehe.

After that, Eiling and Jon went back home together with my mom. Then, we went clubbing with them at Zouk since they were asking for it. It was my 2nd time to Zouk but also my 1st time going to the New Zouk (they just refurbished the whole place).

I only allowed them 5 mins to change their clothes after dinner! Haha talking about Malaysians' hospitality, I guess when they think of me, they will tell their Australian friends that all Malaysians are horrible people!

Paid our cover charge inclusive of a drink. Being the stupid me as always, I ordered Beer. And I don't drink beer. Calvin finished 3/4 for me.

My colleagues said I'm so lucky surrounded by so many guys... Buahahahha! Pimping yo!

Each of us had a Tequila Shot after that but Terence kept insisting on paying the bill ad it was his birthday. I wanted a 2nd one but too bad I gotta drive after that.

I honestly think Gareth's the funniest one to be with and everyone claims he has 6 packs! I asked him to prove it but I think he was kinda shy.

Kieth is a very quiet person but I managed to get him to spill some beans over dinner the other day. He told me he has some shares in a timber company and will be going back to Australia to his family for a month, next month. I asked if he has any brother that I can 'kao'! Haha

Though it has been more than 6 - 7 years, Clinton was the first and only guy who mailed me a SuratCinta. I was so shocked but thinking back, I think it's actually quite funny because his handwriting was like 'cakar ayam' and it took me quite some time trying to figure out what he wrote.

I found out that Terence is an Indon-Chinese and he wears this Tiffany & Co ring (the Somerset design) which I love and a WHITE iPhone! Oh I'm so jealous of him! Whenever I fight for the bill with him, he tells the whole world that I'm embarassing him! Wth!

I asked the camera guy to take a picture of Terence and I.... mana tahu the 3 extra fellas masuk into the picture as well!

Group Picture!

We went to Jalan Alor for supper since they were hungry after Zouk. Practically, Yiling and I reached home only when the Muslims wake up for their morning Azan. Overall, it was a very fun night!

Ziling went clubbing yo!


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Haiyo can you please don't write in mandarin ah?!! I can't read ok!

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google translate is your friend! :P

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one day u'll find your taste of beer, go try beer like Paulaner or Hoegaarde, they taste different from the normal lager....cheers!