Sunday, January 18, 2009

Over The Past Weekend

Yesterday, I reluctantly woke up at 7.45am to attend Joey Yap's "Thriving In Challenging Times" Feng Shui & Astrology talk. Yeah man, I attended a Feng Shui talk which lasted from 10am till 5pm at KL Convention Centre. In a nutshell, 2008 had been a tough year for me and 2009 will be a tougher one. My bedroom, sleeping direction, astrology sign, 'gua' number are all bad. But when other door closes, one opens and it is my "Peach Blossom" luck (tou fah wan). It says that in 2009, I will be able to meet someone new or improve my relationship and network. Ok this might sound a little scary but I had some tarot card reading 2 weeks ago and it says that I will meet a new guy soon. Sigh..... just when I needed some luck in career, suddenly meet someone new pulak!

After the talk, my family and I went to our new condo in KL to have a look before renting it out. Condos in KL memang mahal somemore so small!

So jealous because got nice swimming pools and gym!

In an unrelated note, by the rate of me posting an entry, you would have guessed I've been a very busy person. Yup. That's right. Work has been really really busy and hectic for these 2 weeks, and more to come. I'm actually dreading to go to work everyday because I do not know what the day will bring.

Deadlines? Rejection of work? More things to explore? Corrections after correction? Meetings? Scoldings? Office politics?

You've read about it. I have encountered it.

The sudden even-heavier workload came 2 weeks ago, just a few days before I had to travel down South for a meeting with wars in the office and many things to rush and to explore since the market has been really bad. The day I travelled to Johor, I had a meeting with agencies in the morning till 3pm where we had lunch then began the journey.

Rajin betul

We wasted no time by doing our work in the MPV and also in the hotel room till 1am since we are now equipped with a laptop (now you know why my company gives us a laptop instead?). By 7am, we were all awake, had our breakfast and then proceeded to the HQ for a meeting. Had our dinner along the way back and reached home at 11pm++. I spent the whole week working till 7-8pm++ everyday in the office the following week.

Suddenly, there was just so much of work I doubt I could cope with it! From 9 items in my WIP (work in progress), it went up to 13 in just 1 day! If it wasn't bad enough, my boss's mood was really bad that week. Every single day, I got screwed, so did my colleagues too. I understand that the management has given her a lot of pressure as the sales has been declining since we're into a recession. Imagine this:

Z: Boss, I called XXX company and ....
B: #$%^$###%^&*&*^&%$#$$%%^^&&*

Errr... you get my point. Even before I get to speak up, I already got screwed when in fact I wanted to tell her something that she thought I did not do. My colleagues and I basically got screwed in the morning, over lunch, in the evening, during meeting... u name it, we had it for 1 whole week! We tried our best to rush for things to get done but there were meetings everyday - 2 a day, sometimes even 3! Macam mana lah nak buat kerja?! Sometimes I just do not know how long I could cope with my work and espectally my brand when everything is hanging by a thread. I was told to explore so many things when in fact I do not feel comfortable at all having to manage so many things at once. In the end, my emotions got the better of me, I couldn't take it any longer, I showed my disatisfaction and a black face, packed my laptop and walked out of the meeting room. I know, I know... I'm going for a career suicide.

The worst has yet begun.

On friday, finally the merchandising room that I've been working on for so long got their equipments delivered. It was a rather simple project but armed with no contacts and lots of changes in decisions and directions, I had finally managed to settle and got the management to agree with the price after more than a month! It was a really frustrating job because no supplier wanted to come in for this job as the things that we wanted were too small and of no value to them. When I finally got one to come in, he got really frustrated as my bosses changes their decisions every few days. And it was me who had to do the shitty work as I was the point of contact. He got frustrated with me, I got frustrated with him and my company.

To make matters worse, one of my sales person had an accident with the supplier's lorry and both got into an arguement. Because I was there when it happened, they made me point the person who was wrong out. I knew whom it was but I could not. I had to do something that made me pretty unpopular - left and went back up as my boss was calling me into her room. I suppose the whole sales team must be hating me right now. Sigh. Later in the afternoon, my boss told me to tell the workers to take back some of their equipments as they didn't fit into the room. The workers were really angry and disatisfied I guess as they installed everything but it didnt fit. BIG sigh.

Now, can you imagine how busy I am actually? Even setting up a room and equipments which was supposed to be an admin's has also became my job. Carrying stocks which was the warehouse's job has also became my job. Not to mention, my other work includes - new product developments, sourcing agencies, meetings, planning for promotions, managing A&P funds, prepare A&P spending, preparing monthly reports, minutes of meetings, agenda for meetings, market visit reports, analysises, budget, design of new products, color proofing, prepare marketing plans, sales memo, design barcodes, commercial shooting, and the list goes on. Well, on a brighter note, I can do and have done a lot of things better than people my age.

At times, I get so depressed I wished I could talk to somebody but again, nobody likes listening to complaints and rants. Everyone has their problems so it's better to keep it inside me but to type it all out here. At least there is a way to let it all out. Looking back, I missed the moments chatting through the phone at night before I sleep. Somehow the phone just stopped ringing almost for a month probably because I have kept a distance from everyone else except for my colleagues and a couple of friends.

You know what?

I need to take things easily, one step at a time and learn to relax. It's time to revive my social life! (peach blosson luck on my way remember?) So, if you wanna party, watch movie or go for a drink, you know who to call?



Anonymous said...

hardwork will pay later. but you're on a right path. hang in there!

EM said...

hey, your condo's swimming pool is nice .. what's the name of the condo? which part of kl? :)

EM said...

between, how much is the condo? how many sq ft then?

In-Jaul said...

Hang in there. And look to your friends. You know the saying misery loves company. If you keep the frustrations inside, you will just end up blowing up worse later. Share them with your friends. They won't mind if you share theirs too.

* ZILING * said...

Anonymous: Still hanging on .... hopefully it does pay :(

EM: Honestly I do not know anything except of it being in Old Klang Road.. hehe

In-Jaul: Even the closet person to u whom says they love you and all will not want to listen to ur rants. Believe me, I experienced that countless times and I gave up eventually.

sassy said...

hey zi!

hang in there okay...

u've said it door closes the other door opens ..

just need to hang in there..

i know it is tough...but u've managed for a year over...

just hang in a lil longer..

like anony said..hardwork will pay ...

Anonymous said...

Your condo is in taman desa la. So blur. Haha.

Anonymous said...

winter will always turns into spring. like i'd said, hardwork will pay. all the best

I Is Novil, And You Is Tarzan. said...

oitz ziling.. found your blog.. hmmm.. where is the usual cheerful bising ziling that i know? work memang damn tough but just like they say - no pain no gain.. just take it as it go and you'll be fine.. take a deep breath and start your day! you need to destress! *huGs* :D


Anonymous said...

hang on babe. your ranting about your job sounds very familiar to everybody now as times has change!
when times are good, jobs are easily available, you can show your boss your longest finger and you can get another job easily but now, with the bleak economy, companies closing down, retrenchment, pay cut etc, most bosses would like to cut cost so the most effective way is to cut heads and throats. You are not alone, i think there are people out there more worst off than you, jobless and not enough money to feed family. Tighten your belt, dont overspend and have enough savings for the rainy days ahead.
I got a colleage who has work in my company for 10 years asked to leave just last week and only compensated 1 months salary.
Life is getting tough, gotta be strong and be very patient, think twice before you burst out....Take care and hang on, girl.Ray111

* ZILING * said...

Anonymous: Of cos I know where's my condo lah but takkan mention in public meh??

Livon: oi Cha Boh! after a thousand years u found my blog? hehe... cheers and hugs!

Ray: yeah, market is really bad and it's the employer's world right now so a lot of things gotta sabar and swallow it in. Sigh

Anonymous said...

where did u had ur tarot reading? how much is it? recommended?

* ZILING * said...

Actually it was my colleague doing the reading for me. It was a personal favor :)