Monday, June 29, 2009

Krispy Kreme @ Midvalley

I have heard for many many times those who have lived or hung out abroad bragging how good and how great Krispy Kreme donuts are.... and all I can ever do is to listen full of jealousy in my heart.

U know sometimes how I wanna treat these people?

Hold their hair and slap them 10 times!! So hateful! Go there never tapau some for me back... only know how to tell me how great it tastes!

Thankfully after a very looooooong wait, Berjaya group managed to bring Krispy Kreme to Malaysia with their 1st store in Berjaya Times Square which I have not visited until today I clicked on Offer Station and found out that they just opened an outlet in Midvalley!

Krispy Kreme hats

Their mixers for making the delicious donuts

So many to choose from...

I'm spoilt for choice!

I actually bought their famous orginal glazed donut (1 unit) for RM 2.50

Quite expensive for a donut eh?? Add another RM 1 can buy a bowl of noodles already!

Greg posing with MY donut
(btw, I think his hair sucks =p)

I was about to bite the Krispy Kreme donut!!!
(he took my pic when I wasn't even ready!)

OK... my comment is yes, the donut is really soft and it kinda melts in the mouth due to the yeast but then I feel that the original glazed is toooooo sweet for my liking!

It was so damn sweet but because the texture of the donut was really good, I decided to forgive Krispy Kreme. I want to buy 1 dozen home my next trip there! Btw, it's RM 19.90 for a dozen of original glazeds...


Krispy Kreme
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lot LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor.
(near to Pizza Hut)


Anonymous said...

'Hold their hair and slap them 10 times!! So hateful! Go there never tapau some for me back... ' Could only mean your sister? What about your bf? He travels too.

Soft texture is from yeast/dough as in bread.

KY said...

original glaze is very niceeee, i don't really care about their other choices tho

YilingL said...

Why never ta pau back??!
/Holds Ziling's hair and slap 100 times!! Oops I mean 10 times :p

* ZILING * said...

anonymous: haiyo he has not eaten krispy kreme before

KY: but too sweet for me :(

Yiling: Slap u!