Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ipoh Makan Makan

Being a girl born and bred in Ipoh, I do have to admit there's nothing really much to do there everytime I go back except for EATING and showering close to 5 times a day! Eh, the weather is really really extremely hot in Ipoh... I also donno why!

Ian, Greg and Jasmine wanted to make a trip to Ipoh for leisure as they have not been to Ipoh for a gazillion years so they assigned me to be the tour guide. OMG #%^%$#%$ when I was in Ipoh till I left Ipoh at the age of 16, I did not possess a driving license hence there are a lot of places I do not know how to go.... sei loh sei loh such a heavy responsibility! But as usual, whenever we embark on a journey, I will be the one doing the itenery (literally coming out with a time table of where to go, eat what, what time) with the help of my colleague whom was also from Ipoh. Hehe.

Presenting to you...

Ian & Greg

Ziling & Jasmine

Lok Wee Koi Coffee Shop @ Jalan Raja Musa Aziz (opposite Kamdar)

Duck Noodle (according to Ian & Greg, it was Super Yummy)

Shredded Chicken Ho Fun (I've been eating their ho fun since I was very very young and I only eat from this stall at the coffee shop)

Their famous Penang Rojak @ RM 4.50 or something (Damn expensive!)

Dai Shu Keuk (Under The Tree) Char Liew @ Jalan Kampar

Ice Blended Mixed Fruit Drink (I think it's quite creative)

Dry Ho Fun

Char Liews!!! Yummy!!!

Assam Laksa ..... though very simple, I really love their assam laksa because it has the kind of sourness that I like :)

Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee @ Ipoh Old Town

The white coffee is Kao unlike the tipu tipu ones in KL

Really good Char Kuey Teow with XXL Prawns @ RM 6 (we ordered the XXL prawns instead so it costs about RM2.50 more!)

Lou Wong Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken

Fat and juicy Tau Geh... ipoh style!

Chicken Feet ...... eeeeeeee I tak suka!

Half white chicken (Pak Cham Kai)..... a tad too oily for our liking but it was smooth.... like me :) hehe

Ho Fun Soup (Do you know I really really love eating Ho Fun???)

Pork Balls...... hmmm I don't really like the pork balls here.

Chu Chap Porridge (Pig Innards) @ I forgotten the name but it was near to Jalan Pasir Puteh school

I thought they do have the crispy innards but don't have also :( furthermore, the porridge here taste like there's a lot of alkaline or something... yucks! I don't like!! (my 1st visit here anyway)

Hotel @ Ritz Garden, Ipoh

We brought Vodka & Wine but ended up drinking a little only cos we were all busy watching Chow Sing Chi show ... hehe

Dim Sum @ Foh San

Loh Mai Kai (my dad's favourite, I tapau-ed 5 for him)

Fish Balls

Siew Mai

Donno what with century eggs

Char Siew Pau (I never liked Char Siew Pau but I tapaued 5 for my dad also)

Chu Cheung Fun (Dim sum is never complete without CCF and Ha Kau)

Ha Kau!!

Stir Fried Lo Bak Kou (Radish Cake).... The thing that I like about Ipoh Lo Bak Kou is that it is fried with lots and lots of tau gehs and eggs unlike the ones in KL with a lot of radish - 1 spoon and you're already stuffed!

Wu Kok.... not a fan

Kong Heng Coffee Shop @ Ipoh Old Town

Ipoh White Coffee Hot


Pork Satay

Chee Cheung Fun in Mushroom Sauce.... yess this is what I call the real Ipoh Chee Cheung Fun (this stall not nice. I still prefer the one my mom used to buy from Boombak Pasar, Ipoh) not those curry CCF la, Sweet Sauce CCF la this n that! Yucks!

Tau Foo Fah @ Funny Mountain

The best TFF in the whole world..... it is so silky smooth it actually melts in your mouth! A must-eat if you are in Ipoh!

That sums up my Ipoh Makan Trip! And not to mention..... gained an extra 3 kg perhaps after that trip :(


YilingL said...

Bila masa ni? Didn't know u went back to Ipoh also??

Cindy Khor said...

i think i'm in love with ipoh now, look at all those glorious food... i love hor fun too, dry, soup, curry, any version...

* ZILING * said...

Yiling: Hehe more than 1 month ago....

Cindy: Of cos it's ipoh food!! Who doesn't love ipoh food?!

-eiling- said...

that's really a lot of food. no wonder you so fat olredi.

YilingL said...

Let's not go into the obvious ;-)