Monday, June 1, 2009

Karen Millen, England

Everyone likes branded and designer goods. Me too.

I don't only 'like' them. I love them! But how many people out there actually appreciate the designs of these goods instead of following the "Must-be-only-LV, Gucci-and-Prada"? Honestly speaking, it would be great if I can afford brands like that but if I could, I will avoid them!


Cos I hate taking/ carrying something that is the same with everyone else! Furthermore, you have no idea whether it is fake or original but the whole street is carrying the same thing! I love brands that are more exclusive (in the sense that demand is limited so people do not bother coming out with fake goods) like CELINE and FURLA.

I finally got my 1st credit card last 2 weeks (I didn't wanna apply for any). In emergency cases like the one I had last weekend, I had to swipe it!!!

I attended The Valiram sale @ The Gardens Hotel, only managed to buy a pair of Charles & Keith though I was eyeing on a Coach bracelet. Anyway I DO NOT like Coach so I didn't buy the bracelet. I was bumming around Gardens and entered an outlet which I have neglected as long as I lived. I knew the brand long long time ago but didn't manage to go into any of their outlet.

Karen Millen, a designer clothing brand from England

That was when I saw the PURSE! (my existing Kenneth Cole purse was a lil torn)
The sales girl told me that it was the last piece as I was thinking to run to the nearest ATM to withdraw money for it. I have always lived on a cash-basis lifestyle for many years so swiping the card is something big for me.

It was an emergency so I bought it that instant moment! (emergency - Last piece only in Malaysia)

And that began my journey with Karen Millen. I checked their website and their stuff are really so damn nice!!!

All their shoes are more than RM 1,000!

They are not as high end as LV nor Furla, but bags are retailing from RM 1,000+

Their dresses are so damn nice! I checked one out and it was at RM 1,200+ *gulps*


My purse is so damn nice!!!!! I love flaunting it around!!! hehe show off. But a lot of people asked me this question "What is Karen Millen?"

OMFG. You must be kidding me. Can you please go shopping more often??!!! There are more brands in this world besides LV, Prada, Gucci and lousy Coach which offer better designs ok?

For example, CELINE, FURLA and... KAREN MILLEN!!! hehe

ps- Karen Millen in Malaysia is only available in Gardens and KLCC. Omg I'm so poor now!


YilingL said...

I like the Gucci sunglasses. It's an emergency too, so swipe your card for me ok?? Hehehe.

Lydia said...

oh I love karen millen! don't worry about ppl not knowing what karen millen is because then you will be more special!

* ZILING * said...

Yiling: U punya BAT bagi u banyak duit n allowance why u need me? I banyak poor la

Suet Mei: Yeah lah.. everyone carrying Gucci and LV so boring!

Cindy Khor said...

ya, karen millen is super popular here in uk. actually, i do love its clothing line but i find it a bit not suitable for my size. they tend to make clothes that are bigger at the bust area and thus, **sigh**, i didn't buy any of them. their price here in the uk ranges from £50++ for tops and £150++ for dresses

* ZILING * said...

Cindy: here, 1 dress is about RM 1200+ so expensive!! their dresses are really nice

Anonymous said...

I only buy Karen Millen dresses when Im in the UK. Rip off prices in Malaysia and according to the sales lady, their stock are a couple of seasons behind.
Coast is similar and do dresses just as nice.

Anonymous said...

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Cheers! happy shopping!