Thursday, July 9, 2009

Facebook Games Roxx!

U know I've never played a single Facebook game before this.

I didn't understand how people managed to find the time to play those games. And btw, what is so nice about playing those games???

Until one day, I decided to try it out out of boredom...

Restaurant City

MindJolt Games - Bouncing Balls

OMG! I'm so addicted to it since them!! Must play them everyday!!

Syiok Syiok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will blog about "my boredomness" later... now is not the right time :)


YilingL said...

oooi tak pyayah kerja ah

* ZILING * said...

kenalah duhhh... u think $$ fall from sky meh

Jason said...

Eh, play Fish a Fish too! :P