Friday, August 28, 2009

23rd Birthday @ Prime, Le Meridian

My birthday was about a month ago and I know it's kind of late to blog about this now but now that I have the time, might as well right? Actually I like to blog about food, places to eat and hotel stays. Reason is an avid "researcher" like me would always want to research on a lot of things and places before I go there. I do very extensive research wherever I go :)

Anyway, this year, G was very secretive. He didn't want to reveal where he would be bringing me for my Birthday dinner. The only hint he gave me was the place isn't cheap and it's famous for steaks (though he can't take beef). After asking the orang atasan Lim Eiling, I finally had a clue where he would be bringing me - Prime @ Le Meridian Hotel.

G made a reservation and we were seated as soon as we arrived in a quiet corner.

I thought Prime is a very atasan place and its decor must be very luxurious and extensive but this is nothing like what i've expected.... it's a bit too ..... simple.

Warm towel to wipe whatever you would wanna wipe (can wipe armpit??? haha)

1 very bad thing about me is that I do not know how to appreciate beer and wine hence I only ordered warm water. Seriously, I hate beer and wine. Love cocktails and hard liquor though :)

We were served their complimentery bread. On the left side it was really nice but on the right side, there were some spices or something which I didnt like at all.

The bread was served with 3 choices of butter which i forgotten what were they... inilah akibat tak blog awal awal. However I still prefer the Itallian way with Balsamic Vinegar.

Lamb Shank @ RM 80. The portion is quite big but G managed to finish it alone. I never liked Lamb/ Mutton therefore I didn't try this one.

200 days grain fed Australian Black Angus Ribeye 220g @ RM 120 (without any sides)

I gulped when I looked at the price and feeling the pain for G's wallet, I ordered a 200 days grain fed instead of the 120 days cos it was at RM 150

I ordered it to be Medium but it kind of turned out like Medium rare don't you think?? I find the steak here quite normal.... nothing special nor anything to shout about.

I ordered another side dish of Truffle Mashed Potatoes @ RM 15

As for the sauce, I chose the Porcini Mushroom Sauce to go with which is pretty good. I am very fussy when it comes to mashed potatoes but the ones served here are quite good.

It was my birthday so they prepared a slice of cake for me and sang a Bday song as well

I was so stupid I didnt know it was for me and I was asking G "Eh donno whose birthday leh hoh?" when I saw the waitresses singing the song from a few tables away

To be honest, I loved his initiative and all but the food was only so-so... it doesnt even deserve to be so overrated!

Thanks G! Next time your bday we go TGIF can already ok??


Anonymous said...

Good steak is best eaten medium rare. 200 days grain fed black angus ribeye supposed to be well marbled and juicy. From your photo, it doesn’t appeared to be.

* ZILING * said...

I actually find it so-so only. Not really worth the price