Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara

I might be the last person on earth to blog about this but... better than nothing lor! Knowing that I have some loyal readers (some only lah), it's a crime not to feed them with the story of Hennessy Artistry and what I was doing on that night, along with my beautiful pictures too.

I won't be so long winded, repeating what you can find on other blogs.... I'll just post more pictures!

The artists of the night - One Buck Short, Fatman Scoop..... (the rest I do not know who are they)

The obligatory place to take pictures. It's like celebrities posing there for paparazzis....

Free flow of mini Hennessy shots upon entry ..... I should have sneaked a few glasses into my bag and then we could have some Tequila party next time!

The sisters

Cheers! I had 4 of those before entering the place

The stage - I've always liked Artistry in Bukit Kiara because the venue is BIGGER, crowd's BIGGER, stage's BIGGER.... everything gets an upsize!

Jasmine, Ian, Me!

Met a college mate there - Velmic Kong

And also a high school good buddy - Mervin

Me (almost there), Jasmine (tipsy), Greg (no where there)

Jill and her friends that came verrrryyyyyy late

Izal from One Buck Short. When I walked past him, I didn't know that he recognized me knowing that I look very different when at work. I always ask him to cut his hair >.< The "Cikgu" look. I think I look very serious and fierce with specs, perhaps I should really get one to wear for fun.

Ivan Butt, my collegemate whom I managed to get some VIP passes for him courtesy of Eiling.

He balas my budi by forcing me to take a few mouthfuls of Hennessy right from the bottle!

The 3 sisters went out to take a breather and to take some pictures halfway....

I was obviously very tipsy already....

Joane (a new found fren), Jasmine and Me were all seated at the O area (V.S.O.P were the VIP areas)

Because it was free flow for the VIPs, we had a lot of drinks... so much that we didn't even realise we had a bit too much...

Most of the people that I know ended up almost drunk/ very tipsy due to the free flows (which we all love)......

Someone ended up too drunk

Kudos Hennessy! We are looking forward to another one!

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