Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ziling's 23rd Birthday Pressies!

Besides my Facebook being jammed up by great Birthday wishes which I appreciate a lot (whether it's FB reminder or they really remember) it was the thought that matters :D I think more than 50 - 70 friends wished me on FB, SMSes, and phone calls.

Anyway this year my Birthday have been quite fabulous with a total of 3 Birthday cakes and pressies from others. The fact is when you grow older, wishes became lesser, presents became lesser and so does the cakes.... but this year it was great!

My 1st slice of Bday Cake @ Le Meridien

Though cheap but this is one of the very few types of cake I eat (I'm not a fan of cakes, you see) - Pandan Layer Cake from family

Chocolate cake from my colleagues (my 3rd Bday cake)

Since it was my last Bday with them, gotta take a group picture

Pressies Opening Time!!!

Excited leh?!!

The very very awesome gift - COACH bag from Eiling (donno where she gets the money??)

L'Occitane Shimmering Cherry Blossom lotion from my colleagues (they say I only use expensive things and since I'm so Hiao, this is perfect for me)

Karen Millen and CKJ from Greg

He bought the bag for me all the way from Singapore

Why got so many white bags this year??

Karen Millen!! Ooooo what's inside?!

A charm bracelet not available in Malaysia ..... I've been looking for a nice charm bracelet for so looongggggggg!! From T&Co, Thomas Sabo to Swarvoski....I couldn't find a nice one and also I do not want a piece that's the same as everyone else :(

Ang Pow from Yiling and Dad (Dad's amount sudah discount 90% from what he had been giving me... so sadddd)

A special delivery was made by Greg to my office after lunch time :D :D

Btw, picture above - Bad Hair Day

My first time receiving Sunflowers though I have loved Sunflowers like.... forever?? But I lhave been loving Pink Lilies & White Roses more....

But now I think I love Sunflowers more *hint hint* because they look so sunny, so bright and so... Happy! I purposely bought a new vase so that I can receive more flowers.... hehe

My presents for this year!

Awesome awesome awesome!!

Thanks everyone for making my Bday a happy one this Year!!


Anonymous said...

Eiling has many rich bfs.

-eiling- said...

Anon: Thanks but I bought it with my own money. I do not get any money from my rich FRIENDS!

Ziling: I saved la! That's why now so broke ok?!!