Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food I've Eaten in Krabi

Krabi is not exactly the place you would wanna go in search of good food. The place is actually populaged by international cuisines rather than their local cuisine, such as Pizza place, Itallian dining, Indian cuisine and etc. However, besides their cuisines, they do serve a few dishes of their local Thai Food.

Food isn't exactly cheap plus most of the restaurants are Halal because Krabi is a Muslim place.

Air Asia

Uncle Chin's Rice Chicken, Pak Nassir Nasi Lemak, Chicken Lasagne @ RM 10 each

Honestly speaking, the appearance of Air Asia food sucks. The real thing and the picture is so so so different but somehow I think the food is quite delicious... seriously.

Wang Sai Seafood & Thai Food Restaurant (Halal)

Coconut & Singha Beer @ THB 50 each (RM 5.50)

Seafood Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice, Butter & Garlic Fried Rice @ THB 60 each (RM 6.60) Stir Fried Thai vege with Shrimps @ THB 120 (RM 13)

Forgotten-What's-The-Name Thai Restaurant (Non Halal)

Pork Curry, Stir Fried Vege with Pork, Sweet Sour Fish Slices and Tom Yum Goong (not in picture) @ THB 785 (RM 87). Food portion is really small and only available in 1 size portion.

Lunch Excursion Day #1 @ Emerald Pool

Hot & Sour Vege soup, Stir fried vege, Omelette, Green Curry

Though it was already paid for in the excursion package that we took, the food was really good. Too bad it was served cold or slightly warm instead of Hot!

Indian Cusine Restaurant

Roti Telur (bought from roadside stall), Tom Yum Goong, Omelette with Tomato

Sizzling hot plate with squid, fish and prawns, Stir Fried Vege, Chicken with Tomato

Food wasn't nice plus it was quite expensive... I think it was THB1,000 or something. The portion was small and every single dish was so so salty!!

Oh btw, in Krabi, when you order dishes to eat, they do not come with rice. One plate of rice averagely cost THB 35 (RM 3.80) per plate. Therefore, we spent RM 15.20 on only plain rice every meal! However their Thai rice is really really nice, fluffy and fragrant! VERY VERY DELICIOUS!!

Ala Carte Rice/ Noodles Stall (infront of Mcdonalds) - Halal

Waiting for the food....

Phad Thai Noodle, Fried Rice, Rice with Chicken and Basil Chilli @ THB 40 each

Stall food is a lot nicer!!

Sara Foodstall

Stir fried Mixed Vege, Red Curry, Tom Yum Goong, Stir Fried Chicken Slices + 4 coconuts @ THB 500 (RM 55)

I would have to say this stall serves probably the best meal of all that we had during out 4 nights stay in Krabi, plus the cheapest too. Only thing is that it is operated by a Muslim couple so it's Halal (no pork). All the restaurants serve expensive food with very small portion but this one is almost double their portion!

Krabi is really unlike Bangkok. U can hardly find roadside stalls selling tid bits or sausages and all sorts of snacks. It's almost close to only less than 5 stalls at the whole Ao Nang beach area. Expect to spend more on food more than anything else over there.


KY said...

yesss, street food's best!

* ZILING * said...

Yeah but no pork so tak syiok :(