Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Farewell ...... so long Jack n Jill

As some of you may have already know, I have left URC, the company that holds Jack n Jill last Friday and have immediately started a new job on 1st September. Yeah no holiday or rest time for me at all as the new company wanted me to go in early.

My boss called me into the merchandising room to do my final handover which I kept questioning her why I gotta do it when it's so obvious I got nothing in my hands anymore.

So, just to satisfy her, I came out with a very brief one and was expecting to be scolded by her as always (selalu simply scold people).

Mana tahu not only never scold.... suddenly the rest of the colleagues barged into the room to wish me a farewell!

They asked a designer to design the picture and bought a frame to frame it up for me.

WTF why use my old ugly pictures!! Each picture was selected by each of them with a message for me.

Since my very good fren 'Hiao Po' was outstation, I pose with her products like posing with her :)

Chanttal and I

Both my boss and my director gave a speech and then it was my turn when it turned really emotional..... I wanted the others to cry not me ok!

My boss and I

My snacks team members whom shares my part of suffering to be in that group. It's really not easy to manage the snacks division.

Kevin, leaving on the jet plane to Australia the next day till 8 days after I'm gone! Also my successor to Roller Coaster.

It was really difficult for me to let go of the brand that I've built, nurtured and grow for the past 1.5 years, making huge differences to the brand. My portfolio/resume in my 2 years of tenure there looks very promising one ok? Hehe

Group Picture

I used to complain about my company like mad. Like how heavy the workload is, how the people work there, the culture and all. But now that I'm in a new company, people are not as warm, as welcoming as URC. Workload is getting heavier by the day and I just got an information overload for the day. Given brands that are not really doing well, I just gotta work even harder to produce good results. However, the decision has been made and I gotta live by it no matter what.

As the saying goes, "Leaving today for a better tomorrow"........


Cindy Khor said...

hopefully you could cope with the new stressful environment and take good care of yourself. wish you luck in the new job.

KY said...

waa so nais, so well loved!

Vincent Teh said...

lots of love back there.

happy working in your new job ;) mine in the next 4 days. haaa~

-eiling- said...

eh how come i didn't see the picture one?

* ZILING * said...

Cindy: Still in the learning phase... quite difficult

KY: Of cos i am always well loved :)

Vincent:Haha good luck. add oil!

Eiling: i showed u, u ownself don wanna see

Anonymous said...

all the people in the group looked very happy and smiling......very happy to see you go? haha

Anonymous said...

I like your smile
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