Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Upgrades

Basically when you start to enter a cosmetics & fragrance company, you gotta automatically upgrade your own brands as well (depending where you work). From what I have been using previously, I gotta say BYE BYE to them because it's time to switch brands

Bye Bye


Guerlain Super Aqua Day set

YSL cleanser kit

Guerlain face powder

The super canggih YSL Lip Kit

YSL eye shadow color in gold metal box

My purchase

Oh I forgot Gatineau make up remover (from France). this product is really good in removing my make ups

Though those are my company's products I just bought as it was on SALE but how low could a Guerlain or YSL go right? I'm really really broke right now and I really hope those products can beautify my very tired face (from working 12-14 hours a day in the office)

Let's hope they do miracles ya or else I'll cry after spending so much on them!

Oh and not forgetting....

I'm also using a CHANEL lipstick (competitor's brand )

Suddenly I feel like an orang atasan using GUERLAIN, YSL amd CHANEL! hohohoho


cuxinn said...

ziling why so vain??

Cindy Khor said...

omg, getting to work for those prestigous health and beauty company is like a dream for all us gals out there, now you make me wanna work in this sector.

-eiling- said...

channel i give you for free one!

* ZILING * said...

Cuxxin: Where got!!

Cindy: It looks like a dream job but when you are in it, it's a job from hell!

Eiling: U didn;t give me Channel. U gave me Chanel

Anonymous said...

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