Sunday, October 18, 2009

Working Hard + Partying Hard

Work has been really really crazy if you noticed I have not blogged for almost a month!

It has been so hectic that meals were so irregular I basically have my lunch and dinner in front of the office PC. As crazy as it may sound, NO, I did not lose any weight given the fact that before/ during/ after eating, I still remain seated in front of my monitor!

Boooo to that!

Weekdays, I work really hard, spending a minimum of 12 hours in the office (9.00am - 9.00pm) to 14 hours (9.00am - 11pm) in the office, making it THE PLACE WHERE I SPEND MOST OF MY TIME AT compared to my bed which I only utilise it at 12am/ 1am to 7am!

To balance my life, I party hard during weekends. I mean, yeah I really party!

Belvedere Vodka for now. Soon, I will upgrade it to Grey Goose (hopefully got $$$)! It was a really fun night at Sky Bar with 2 person puking at the end of the night (NOT me!)


First week was Sky Bar. Second week was Hennessy Artistry @ Quottro! It was so damn crowded and so damn packed and Quottro is such a bad place to hold Artistry!!

Overall though the bar closed too early, I still managed to get hold of 5-6 glasses thanks to TJ and Q Fung lining all the way to get drinks for us girls. There were also performances by Boys Like Girls and Lenka but it was so packed I could hardly breathe!

Went to Subang to have my first try on Shisha after that. TJ said I'm bad at Shisha. WTF.

Third week was Zouk but pics not with me. Fourth week was Sangria @ La Bodega which we took no pics.

Shit. I'm drinking every single week. This is bad for health and pocket!

Today is Sunday. Back to working life tomoro.

I hate it.


Anonymous said...

You put on weight?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever come across FoodKingdom? A social network for Food lovers like you.

* ZILING * said...

Anonymous 1: Sadly yes :(

Anonymous said...

hi, found this page through your xanga former page.


Anonymous said...

From Eiling blog; you put on more weight?

* ZILING * said...

Anonymous: Yes, 2 kg to be exact. that's for having dinner at 12am and sleeping right after that to get up for work at 7am almost everyday!

A Arthur said...

Hello Ziling, ha ha the 3 Beauties of Lim are really charming.

Eiling paid me a visit and I came to know of the 3 blogs.

I know your mum reads your blog. But your pop read your blog?

Keep up the good work. Work hard play hard and go wherever your heart tells you so.


Anonymous said...

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