Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Been A While.....

Yes, it's been a while since I last blogged - I think 4 months to be exact. It has been as though I have already discontinued my blog and dumped it aside due to the fact that I'm hardly at home during weekdays (for work) and weekends (for play).

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to the year of the TIGER, which happens to be MY YEAR for the readers whom are still following this blog. Though i doubt there'll be any left by now.

I just came back from a meeting in Sydney last Monday and yes, gained a few KGs due to the fact that that I was very well-fed throughout my 1 week in Sydney. Once I'm back here, it's already going into CNY so yes, I was fed with all the oily goreng goreng food again so ..... how do you expect me to lose any weight?

This year CNY is kept very simple for the fact that I did not go back to Ipoh. The kawan-kawan and I had a simple dinner @ Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant (USJ 1) for almost everywhere is booked.

Dresscode for the night: Ladies - Cheongsam, Men - Samfu

Very the lazy to write so looooooong, so there you have it. I feel so bored this CNY! Haih so damn siennn.... I still do not understand why the cinema is packed during CNY! Aren't ppl supposed to be visiting relatives or something?? Fight with people like me to watch movie for what???? Sigh!

Happy CNY! ..... till I blog again :)


Anonymous said...

wa lau le, ur boobs very nice n really huge after u gain weight; even eiling boobs look so now deflated until like airport.

by: ypille said...

Gong xi fa Cai!

loved the Cheong Sams and the men are nice looking!

I did miss my moon cake :-(

Anonymous said...

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