Monday, September 14, 2009

It's all about the glam!

Most of you might have read my previous entry on my last day with URC, the company that I have spent 2 years with. When I think of chinese food, I think of my life in URC - a journey that contains all elements of sweetness, sadness, bitterness and sourness in my heart. But life has to go on, and I have to move on.

If one thing that I am grateful of, it is the things I learnt and in the end I know I got a certain value in the market for my portfolio and good results :) Yes, indeed my GM were trying his best to ask me to stay a few times personally but I passed for I know the direction that I would wanna head for. Even if the company offers me a salary of 10x more, I will still make the decision to leave.

So where do I head for after URC (Jack n Jill)?

Nope. It's not FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) anymore for I am tired for how things are done. I'm sick of churning out figures from Nielsen. I'm sick of doing analysis for nationwide, digging every single corner for info. I'm sick of going market visits sitting in unconditioned vans, following people I do not know, going to filthy and smelly sundry shops and carrying 30 over boxes all by myself.

I'm joining the world of prestige Cosmetics & Fragrances baby!

I know it's kind of random from doing such a low value mass product to such a high end niche product right? It has always been a dream of mine to get into the Beauty Line but just that I think it's wiser/ better to get into a FMCG to learn a broader pic, to touch on every part before going for a niche job. It was a great move because I was offered the job by all 3 large beauty companies I applied for :) I shall not reveal yet which company I'm working for right now but a very famous veteran in the beauty industry cum MD interviewed me for THREE hours! I rejected the job offered by the direct competitor of theirs for 3 times since last year while the other one I had to reject for they came back too late to me eventhough the GM called me personally to offer me the job and to reconsider :) Yay I'm wanted!!

Though it is a dream job, perhaps a dream job for most ladies out there to be surrounded by all the luxurious skincare, cosmetics and fragrances from all around the world, there are also sacrifices to be made. For example, waking up at an unGodly hour of 6am+ EVERY MORNING to get stuck in the jam heading to KL, changing my entire wardrobe to fit into their culture, freezing every day in office for their air condition is so damn cold, spending lot more on expensive food, and staying late EVERY NIGHT.

Yes, it is indeed a No Day, No Night job. It means going to work early, gome home late. Just imagine my workload is already very heavy just after 2 weeks in there. I wake up at 6am+ and only goes home at 8.30pm EARLIEST and a few times till 11pm at night. I averagely spend 12-14 hours at work everyday. By the time I reach home to have dinner, it's already 9.30pm the earliest and there have been many times I only get to have dinner at 11pm. Tiring huh?

Well, if you want something, you gotta forgo some other stuff. While my life in URC was stressful as well, I had much leisure time doing things at work and only staying till 9pm the latest at work. But it was not something that I want.

Eversince joining this new company, I hardly have time to spend time outside office and even at home. I didn't have the time anymore for catching ups, for SMSing or talking on the phone or even doing a facial mask at home! Sighhhh

But I'll work hard!



Anonymous said...

I heard you got no time for your bf too. sad.

* ZILING * said...

Anonymous: well, very true indeed. I don't even have the time to do a mask at night.

Anonymous said...

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