Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Back!

Though I did not blogged for almost a month, I did check my blogs and the messages left in my latest entry before I dumped my blog.... hehe

So anyway, what have I been up to?

For so many years, I finally got to go for an overseas trip! Of cos all on my own expenses.... every single cent spent was blood and sweat ok? Too bad I could only afford a 4 days 3 nights trip instead of a longer one because if shopping doesn't kill me, accommodation will! Financially, that is.

Leaving on a jet plane oppps I mean Air Asia to Bangkok! Yay!

Even the view from Thailand looks a lot nicer

Oh my... what am I talking? Doesn't it all look the same from up there?? But can't deny it does look very nice especially after I photoshopped it by playing with the color exposure... hehe

To sum it all up, Bangkok is a really very very hot place to be. The moment I step out from the hotel, I begin to sweat like a pig, wetting tissues and more tissues till the moment I step back into the hotel.....

That's the reason why I loaded my tummy with lots of coconut and cold drinks to cool down the body

So refreshing!

My 'hasil' at the end of the trip :)


Anonymous said...

After trip to BKK, hope you are happy with your bf ;-)

KY said...

Ooo looks like Anonymous follows the whole kwan kong saga too

Lydia said...

good to know that you're back blogging, ziling! is that instant noodles i see? when my mom went to bangkok she came back with so much instant noodles, i don't know why lol! x

* ZILING * said...

Anonymous: We could only wish for the best

KY:Eh why sound like Lord Of The Rings? Been thru many wars and all?

Lydia: Because they are pork flavored and Msia's are all Halal ones!

SK said...

Hope the trip to the Country of a Thousand Smiles, brightens up your mood... :)

* ZILING * said...

SK: Hopefully too :)