Sunday, April 12, 2009

Merisses @ Sukhumvit 16, Bangkok

I have to admit I was on a tight budget when I made the trip to Bangkok and one of the rule to myself was that "I shall never stay in a room that costs more than RM 200 per night!" but of course the room shall not be ugly and unpresentable... hehe

After doing so much of research, I finally settled for Merisses hotel which is situated in Sukhumvit 16 (Sukhumvit is like the centre/ town for a lot of happening places). It was a new hotel and after reading some reviews of the hotel online which is quite contradicting, we just gave it a shot.

Contradicting means some reviews said that the hotel is damn good, some said it's lousy and incomplete. Some said it's near to the BTS (sky train) while some said it's damn far. Donno who to believe also!

Errr actually nobody expected the hotel to be so small!

Damn! The website conned all of us into believing it's a big, new and nice hotel. But seriously, the website is nice

We booked 2 Premiere Suites as it was on promotion @ 1,700 Baht per night while standard price was at 2,100 Baht. My sisters booked the most affordable room (Deluxe Suite) which was also on promotion @ 2,750 baht for 2 nights! Normal price per night is 1,900 baht.

Premiere Suite

It's really a very nice room with a nice bathtub with also see through glass, but of cos you can slide the glass shut with the wooden sliding door in case you wanna do some "big business" inside and would not want to be seen. Haha.... oh, there is a Playstation 2 provided in the room too. All you need is to ask the hotel to provide you some of the games.

For me, I am the luckier one. I got promoted to the most expensive room in the hotel probably because its occupancy was on the lower side for that few days. Normal price for that room is 2,900 Baht.

Executive One Bed Room Suite

The room is also equipped with a DVD player which we had no time to utilise it because most of the times were spent outside the room shopping at the malls... hehe. There was a small kitchen area where you can cook (there's an induction cooker), heat up your food in the microwave and also a fridge for you. How nice! However, the bathroom was incomplete as you can see they put a board there to replace the tiles.

And the best part is....

A BIG bathtub!

Imagine soaking youself in that tub after a long day of walking ans shopping.... ahhhhh how nice!!

To be really honest, the hotel is far from the BTS Asok. We spent the longest time of our life walking to and back from the BTS for the 1st day. After that, we were so smart, we got down from one station before Asok and hailed a taxi back to the hotel! Taxi drivers refused to send us back to the hotel from Asok station because it was too near (but too far for walking).

Anyway, taxis are plenty in Bangkok and they are cheap too! Starting fare is at 35 baht but from Nana station (1 stop before Asok) to our hotel costs around 50 baht for 4 person. Cheap right? And taxi drivers there actually USE their metres unlike in Malaysia!

Overall, the hotel is recommendable because you can always take a taxi (we have been doing that everyday) to everywhere. The best part is, the staff are really attentive, friendly and they will fulfill all your requests! Seriously, if you do not mind the distance, go for this hotel!


Huai Bin said...

The hotel looks nice. I stayed at Siam City Hotel (in the city) when I was in Bangkok last time...a rather expensive hotel but my then gf was having a pharmacist conference and she had a room so I shared her room and only paid for the air tickets. Bangkok is fun! :)

YilingL said...

okla suen lei got contribution to the trip by recommending this hotel.. helps us save the bahts!

-eiling- said...

LOL @ Yiling's comment

Anonymous said...

Aiyo,such a nice hotel.The last time I was in Bangkok,i stayed at Asia Hotel,right smack in the middle of Bangkok.The hotel sucked big time.

Will stay in Sukhumvit 16 if i ever go to Bang-kok again.

* ZILING * said...

HB: Bangkok hotels are not really cheap I know

Yiling & Eiling : Whatever!

Kevin: However Sukhumvit 16 is not really not very near to BTS unless u take taxi from the previous station to get back to hotel

Miss Bangkok Hotels said...

Your room look so nice, value of money..Thank you for your story...